Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Ponderings

Last night or should I say this morning at 3 a.m. I decided I wanted to accomplish something! ;) So I got started on this office/sewing room of mine and tried to get it a little more organized for the moment. The reason I say for the moment, my sisters future husband gave me a glass shelf and I am waiting on it to put in here so I can add my folded up fabric on it. (I am TRYING to get a little more organized!) He has to find the other pieces to it he said. I will use it to put my printer/copier and all my folded up fabric. I will probably use it for the office stuff as well if I have any room left on it. ;) I have lots of fabric! Can I tell you all I need a larger house? LOL This room is VERY small and really not large enough for ONE thing, like and office or a sewing room let alone both of them. Anyway I had gotten in here last week and pulled out everything and had it all over the floor and just HAD to do something until I can get that glass shelf.

I have several things I can't decide if I want or need to get rid of! And YES I am a packrat! I was thinking this morning after I finally did make it into bed that I really need to get in the attic and make some room up there for all my, TO KEEP, things for decorating and have it all in ONE SPOT so I can easily reach it AND see it so I will not forget what I have up there. The items I can't decide to keep or get rid of are curtains. I have a couple sets and one set was for the four long windows in our living room that I paid like 4-500.00 for and I just can't bring myself to part with them since I paid so much money for them. I don't like spending THAT much money on stuff like that! They have to be dry cleaned and that is a problem for me because I can't see spending all that money on dry cleaning curtains, or should I say, drapes! I am highly considering making some roman blinds with these drapes! They are lined and everything. I can toss them in the dryer to get the dust out of them and I always freshen up my curtains and things with spray stuff like Fabreze. The drapes are a sand color and I had thought they would look nice in my dining room but with that yellow wall in there it makes them look nasty because of the color. I bought them from Sears a few years back but just can't make myself part with them! lol Anyway I am still thinking of what I can do with these things! ;)

Fay so far has only brought us lots of rain. It's just been lightly raining all day long and is dreary and a little weird feeling since it feels like fall out there. The ground should be nicely soaked through so I am not fussing at all since we can always use the rain. All the little critters were tanking up yesterday to. The butterflies were all over the zinnas and the birds all over the feeders including the hummingbirds. Our daughter walked out there just in time to see 7 little baby quail. She tried her best to get a pic of them but wasn't fast enough. Isn't it funny how the critters know when bad weathers coming? I think that's SO interesting!

This lady and I have something in common. I ADORE what her daughter said about the, "Happy Plates".
She LOVES tea stuff to! :) I am the same way about all the tea stuff. The pink set or should I say, the Pink Tammy set I have I don't think I have used it yet for a tea party but do plan on doing that soon! My bestest friend in the whole wide world gave me that set last year for my birthday! I will have to set up the table one day when I am in need of something pretty. Man today would be a GOOD day for that since it's soooooo dreary outside. lol Anyway I will set my table up with this pretty pink set and get a pic to show you all. It's a very unusual set of dishes. You know come to think of it, we DID use some of it at the little tea party my niece and I cooked all day for. She and I had sooooo much fun!

AND YES THANK YOU LORD for caring for EVERYTHING in my life even my teapot and tea cup status! (to quote Bonita) I REALLY REALLY like this lady! I JUST found her blog while looking at Rhoda's over at, Southern Lady's. Here is also her blog.
I adore her decorating knowledge and would just DIE if I could get her to MY HOUSE to do mine for me! OH MAN HOW nice that would be! We have a few things in common as well. She and I both LOVE flea markets and garage sales AND pretty things! Plus I also adore Southern Lady magazine and one more that I have to meantion is Romantic Homes magazine! I have been drooling over Rhoda's website now for weeks! I can't seem to get enough of it! I guess now I will also be drooling over Bonitas! lol Yeah I know, drooling isn't lady like, but hey, can't a lady goof off SOMETIME? ;) Oh I just happen to think of something, maybe Rhoda and Bonita and I could have tea at my house and then Rhoda could do her magic on my home! :)
I think this one will be my longest post on my blog! I sure hope you don't get bored with my rambling on!

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