Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Day Thrifting with MY SISTER!

We had a very good day and found a few little bargains but mainly had fun together. :) We went to the thrift stores as well as to an antique store where she found her some pretties. She found her some glass candle holders and a VERY pretty glass bowl FOR ONLY 1.50! The lady had marked it down. If she hadn't gotten that I was going to get it after she pointed it out to me! I REALLY liked that bowl! I found me one more cheese domes for my little cupcake stands for 2.00.

Then to top off the day, I have finally found someone online with the little tea cups and saucers to match the little set my daughter and I were giving to my niece for her birthday. SO EXCITED about that because I was at wits end wondering WHAT I was going to do about some tea cups and saucers to match the teapot, sugar, and creamer. I found some cups and saucers today for .25 and some plastic ones for less that I was going to just give her so she would have SOMETHING to use until I could find her the ones to match her little set. This little set has been discontinued. The ones I found today were just plain old white ones but she needed something to pour her tea into! lol Came home and checked my email and the lady online had emailed me back saying she DID have one more of those sets! YESSSSSSS :)

At one of my favorite thrifty places I found almost a whole box of printer paper. I got that and 3 little white plastic cups for the niece and a cute little square wicker tray and it all wasn't even a 1.00. ;) See WHY it's my favorite? I want to get a glass cut for the bottom of my little wicker tray. When we have company over and we're all sitting around on the patio and I make coffee, I always have to have something to put all the coffee cups and condiments on. So this will do just fine when I get the glass cut for it. :) Last but not least, I found me ONE MORE teapot for 1.55! ;) My sister was like, ANOTHER teapot? I was like, a girl can't have too many of these! hee hee She likes her purses and I like my teapots. ;)

OH and can I tell you, she bought her yet one more lamp! LOL She and I have this thing about lamps! I also have this thing about little tables, and teapots, and tea cups and and..... oh you get the point. ;) I guess we EACH have our addictions! ;)

Anyway we had a good day doing a little thrift store therapy. I NEED to start taking my camera so I can show you all the goodies I DO pass up! There were these two chandelier's that I flipped out over! IF I'd had the extra money I would have bought those two in a heartbeat!!!! 65.00 each for them! BUT man on man they sure were pretty! I could just see one of them hanging in my bathroom or maybe BOTH of them in my bathroom. I would have found a place for them!!!

The little spotted tea set is the one I was telling you about for my niece. I got her some little spoons and some linen napkins and the little sugar tongs as well. I am going to see if I can find her a little tablecloth as well.

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

That is the cutest little tea set! So glad you were able to find pieces to complete the set for your neice. She will love it!