Friday, August 29, 2008

Patio Chair Cushions

I am almost done with the cushions! YESSSS! I am pinning the last one together now so I can sew it. THEN I can stuff all 3 backs and be done with these things!

I just noticed when I went out and took pix that I still need to do the buttons in the bottom cushion on the swing! Got to clean that mildew off the green area on it and then treat all the green areas on all the cushions with some scotchgard. That way hopefully I wont have to keep fighting the mildew on the solid green part! ugh

With it being so dark outside you can't tell much about the colors of the cushions especially that solid green color. But wanted to show you all. Hopefully I can get these things finished this weekend! I really over stuffed them so when they settle down some they will be perfect. So that's why they are soooo thick right now. We've not sit on it much yet since that swing one is a little slippery! lol With the poly-fil AND that silky feeling fabric it makes them mega slippery. So that's one reason I was adding the buttons to help hold it together better so it wouldn't slide around.

Cranberry that is so funny they do that for a donation! LOL I bet they get them to! ;)

Notice the little square table behind my chair with the one cushion in it. That was one of my bargains. I paid a whopping $1.00 for it. I changed the board on the top because it was that old press board stuff and it was all messed up. We cut a plyboard top for it and then I did the ceramic tile on it and painted it to match the other patio furniture. The little centerpiece on the table, ( swans on it) was another bargain of $1.00. I am on the look out for some votives for it now. I stuck those in it to see what it would look like and just left them.

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Daffodil Hill said...

It all looks wonderful together, Rose! You have done a great job of coordinating all of the furniture on your patio. I know you are ready to be finished with it. Pour yourself a big glass of lemonade, and go relax on those comfy new cushions. : )