Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sitting Idle

OR should I say, sitting id lee by? ;)

Well we're about to get tired of just sitting around in the house. lol Everyone around here is about to go insane. Everywhere we go someone comes in saying, we've about had it with just sitting around. lol I think folks patience has been worn very thin with all this watching and waiting. ;) I've just been counting my blessing or should I say, OUR blessings!!!! Which are MANY!

I was thinking awhile ago that I really needed to find me a project to work on. ;)

Feeder bands, feeder bands is what we are hearing that's causing all our weather. We have had 6" of rain today they said and 3 more inches expected. All kinds of flood warnings still AND tornado warnings and watches to. I am SO THANKFUL we had no tornadoes to touch down. Thank you all for your prayers and your thoughts! That really means a lot!!!!! God was really with us on this one! He has richly blessed us one more time in which we are sooooooo thankful!!!! We have some more of them out there now they are keeping an eye on.

It really looks weird outside because the cloudy sky and the clouds moving like they are, it makes you think of winter time. That's just what it looks like out there right now. Although you step out the door and you KNOW it's not! lol VERY hot and humid. You know in the winter when you have a front coming in, how it looks right before one comes in? That's how it looks.

They are saying on the radio folks are making their way back to their homes but lots of them are suppose to be staying put they said on the TV. I'm afraid they are going to make them go back because they said do not come home until after Thursday or later on into the weekend. I heard one lady that called into the radio saying she was sitting in the Winn Dixie parking lot and all the stores were closed in that town and there was no place to go to the restroom. I guess she made one. ;) Anyway she said the United Way I believe it was, was suppose to have been there at 12 today but she said they're no where to be seen. Man you can really get into a mess in situations like this. I was just hoping she didn't have any little kids with her. I was thinking, oh man what a mess that could get into! Hopefully she got help really soon!

I guess I could be stuffin' my patio cushions huh? I think that's just what I will do when I get off here talking to you all. I brought all my new cushions inside and they're piled up in the small utility room. lol I have 3 backs that are sewn up awaiting there stuffing and then I will be done with the patio chairs and swing cushions. I do plan on making some small cushions for the chairs that go with the table out there but I've got to get the bottoms of the ladder backs in before I can make the cushions for them.

I didn't get my 4 tiered fountain filled up like I intended on doing before Gustav hit. So I have been filling it up with all the rain water today. I have got it filled to the brim from buckets I had sitting around under the eves of the house. They are filling rather quickly with all of this rain. We walked outside on the patio earlier just in time to see our little quails feeding under the feeders. I've got to get to town and get them some more feed but got to wait for all this traffic to get out of here so I wont be stuck out in it making things worse. We have like 4-5 big ones and 7 baby ones I think it is. The babies are SOOOO CUTE and our daughter has been trying to get pix of them but they move a little too fast for her. lol
OK I think I am going to accomplish something now.

Make it a great and awesome day.
TODAY is the day,
the Lord hath made,
I WILL rejoice AND
be glad IN it!!!

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

So glad that y'all have not had bad weather, other than the rain.