Friday, September 26, 2008


Thank you Daff and Cranberry for your comments about yesterdays posts. I'm glad I'm not the only one that hates lots of clutter and disarray.

The main problem with me is the back. Used to the house being in disarray would have made me work at it until I got finished with it no matter what time I finished it. But now with the bad back, I can't do that or it will be in disarray muchhhhhhhh longer because if it starts getting inflamed I will be in bed. So when that left leg starts pulling and like I like to say, feeling like a 2x4 because it's sooooo stiff, I KNOW it's time to stop no matter what. So I have to take it in steps now and pace myself. Folks used to say I reminded them of the energizer bunny because I go and go and go. Can't do that now or I will be paying for it with the back. It definitely puts a kink in things that's for sure. I have started picking up the things that are on the dresser etc. so I can pack those up and maybe put them in a box and have a little less clutter. Was thinking I could stick those in the attic so they will be out of my way while I get this done. When I get these cushions for my patio sprayed with the scotchgard I will have the office/sewing room I can put a couple pieces of furniture in as well. That way hopefully ONLY the bed will be in there. I really really need to paint the ceiling in there as well!

I have been waiting on the love bugs to leave so I could spray the cushions and get them out of here. If I put them outside without the spray on them and they got wet I would have to clean them again before I could spray them. So the love bugs has everything on hold. lol Did I say how I HATE THE THINGS? ;)

I just happen to think that I hadn't even said I was planning on using some of my accessories in the master bath as well. So that's why I am collecting so much stuff. I am going to do it as well because it hasn't been updated since we built the house back in the 80's. It still has the old dusty rose wallpaper up in there. That should really be fun getting that stuff off. One that I really dread!


Daffodil Hill said...

I hear what you're saying about the back problems. I have physical limitations as well, so without Papa here to do the heavy work, not too much gets done beyond the essentials. Just take your time and do what you can. Sure hope those love bugs take a hike. ; )

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I too, have back problems. So it does put restrictions on me a lot. But I do what I can when I feel like I can.

I really hate those love bugs too, but they have not been too bad here this time as they have in the past. Thank goodness!