Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beachy Bedroom

The more I think about this beachy bedroom the more I am likin' this idea. I dearly LOVE the outdoors anyway and just a couple years back realized just how much I love the beach! That is, when it's not so hot on it! lol I like it in early Oct. when it's not sooooo hot! I don't do the heat, especially this humid heat in July-Sept. we have around here!!!!! Anyway I am really wondering what color I need to paint this room! I am so worried I wont like the off white or pearl color. I saw one room done in a soft tan color and I like that for their room but worry it will be TOO dark for my one window bedroom. :(

If I go to town tomorrow my plans are to pick me up some paint cards so I can choose the right color this time since this bedroom has been painted like 3 times and I still am not happy with it! You know I just happen to think. I probably have some in my filing cabinet.

Check this out! This tells you the meaning of colors. I think I like the blue since it's calming, cooling, and relaxing. Then the white would really be nice to paint all that old brown molding and the doors with because the white is purifying, unifying and expanding. Well I hope that expanding means your mind, because my body doesn't need to be expanded anymore. ;) Check this link out. It's very neat! I've learned a lot here in just a short time! I really like the idea of a really soft blue!

I also found some decorating ideas for the bathroom that joins our bedroom. I've been wanting to redo this poor thing as it still has the old pink wallpaper in there we put back in '89.


Anonymous said...

Rose, thanks for the color site.Always fun reading about color. Lucy

Daffodil Hill said...

I'm liking the idea of a beachy bedroom. QUITE a change for you! A soft blue would be so soothing and restful. That's what I have in my bedroom, and I love it.

Hope those love bugs are gone soon. :o