Friday, September 12, 2008

Painting Decisions

Well I am highly considering painting the master bedroom BLUE! I keep looking at paint cards and I keep going back to the blue! I ask our dear daughter this evening to come into my bedroom and look at the paint card and that old dusty rose carpet to help me decide IF it would clash or not since I want to go all the way to the floor with the paint and not chop the room into with two different colors on the chair rail. shooooooooooooo talk about a run on sentence! ;) The color I am looking at is Lowes Valspar Big Sky SR1203. I even thought about getting some of those little stick on stars and moons to put on the ceiling in there. lol I love the outdoors and that would be so neat! DD has them in her room and I have slept in there and it's really neat when you turn the lights off and lie in bed with the stars above your head.

You know I just happen to think, I could paint one wall in the blue and then get another color that matches the blue that has a green tint to it since I want to be able to use all 3 of my spreads in here. When I get tired of one spread I can use the other ones. Then my plans are to paint all the moldings and all THREE doors that are in this poor little room ALL an off white color that matches the other color or colors. lol I am TRYING to make it ALL work so I wont be stuck with only one choice of colors in there. This Big Sky blue color is soooooo pretty and SO VERY RELAXING looking! Daffodils room is so relaxing and airy looking until I really really like the idea of using the blue. PLUS my pretty beach art print would look SO PRETTY on blue walls! I have painted this room SOOOOO MANY times and I'm really really thinking on this one so I wont have to paint it again for a few years since I'm not getting any younger. Also this room is sooo dark right now with this red paint in it and I think this will make it much lighter and airy looking. I feel SO CLOSED IN in this room! The little window in there is so small it makes it dark and closed in looking. I thought about using a mirror and putting some curtains over it to make it appear to be a window on the other wall just to give it more light. Anyway decisions decisions. ;)

I've been looking at beachy cottages online and I do love the nice clean airy look most of them have with the white walls and the light blue paints. I have gotten a bunch of the pix off line as inspirational ideas.

All I have in pix so far to hang on the walls in there is the beach looking print I posted here and then I have a mirror and shelf that I painted country white that I can use in there. That's about all I have. I thought about painting a wooden shelf and putting it in there with some shells on it. Needing some ideas on other things than sea shells though. I know I don't want to use light houses and stuff like that. I just don't want to get too many shells in there and over power things. lol

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