Monday, September 15, 2008

A Good Laugh

Awhile ago Antiques Road Show was on. We always like to watch that show! I walked into the living room just in time to see it on. DH hadn't told me it was on. He has those TV ears so we don't hear the TV now. He's hard of hearing and he always had the TV so loud that you could hear it all over the house. So we got him some TV ears and he loves them! Now he can hear EVERYTHING they say. NOT that that's good by any means but you get the point. ;)
Anyway I sit down to watch the show and was sitting there for a few minutes and the phone rang. It was one of our friends so DH answers the phone. He was talking to him and I was watching the show. There was this guy on there that bought a large picture and he said the reason he bought it was for the frame. He liked the frame. They kept on telling him the info about his pic and the guy tells him, and you bought it for the frame? Why yeah, I liked the frame. The guy says, well the pic is worth between 12-18K and I fell out. That was so funny to me I was rolling in laughter! I must have really needed a good laugh! lol I am still chuckling when I think about it because he bought it for the frame and the frame was messed up. But I to liked the frame! The pic inside was boats and women on shore waiting for their men to come home, nothing really neat about the pic at all. But it was worth 12-18K and he paid 25.00 for the thing just for the frame! It just hit me in the funny bone and I was howling in laughter! DH was looking at me and I just couldn't stop laughing. Our friend still on the phone with him said he needed to bottle up my laugh and sell it. Everyone being down in the dumps about the stock market he said. Can you imagine? I was like heck, sell the painting and keep the frame! LOL

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