Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Accessories for Master Bedroom

You can click on the pix to make them larger. I found some more things for our bedroom project today. Not sure which ones I will use on the dressers etc. or which ones I will put on shelves. Either way I will have plenty things like this to choose from. As you can see I found another one of the lamps for putting the seashells in. I had to pay a little more than 1.00 for this one though. ;) This one was 5.00. But that's still a good bargain huh? ;) I found several bags of seashells for either putting in the candles or filling in on the lamps. Here is a pic of the little buckets I was telling you about yesterday as well. I stuck a candle down in them so you could see the size of them.

Not sure what I am going to do with the item in the 3rd pic yet. I know I will paint it and remove the necklace hanger from it. I thought it might be pretty to put a neat shell in or something. Who knows, just liked it and got a deal on it to. I found that and several more items and they all were only 1.14. In that deal was a very pretty pillow case that has pink roses on it and you know I can't pass anything up that has pink roses on it. I also found me a tupperware lid to a bowl I have that needed a lid.

Notice the RELAX sign in amongst all the items! ;) Not sure which color it will be painted but it will be either country white or sky blue I'm sure.

The little glass water bottle someone painted and did an awesome job on it to, I might add. As you can see it wasn't much either. I picked it up off the counter and then sit it back down and went back and got it again! It's sooooo stinkin' cute! ;) I couldn't figure out WHAT I would do with it but I liked it. Yeah I know. I know!!!! I guess I could just sit it on a night stand.

Oh and the little fishes ;) I will definitely have to paint. Just whatever color I need more of in there I guess will be their colors. I don't need to buy ANYMORE candle holders or it will look like I am having a seance in there. lol

OH and did you SEE THE LITTLE SHIP IN THE BOTTLE?? How cute is that? They also had the little lighthouses but I didn't get those. Might have to get one of them to go with this pic on the calendar that I posted a pic of yesterday. If I use the pic I could put me a shelf up under it and use a lighthouse. Not sure about that one yet.

I also got the blue paint so I will be getting started soon on that project. Just need to let this arm and shoulder heal some more before I start that. I think I/we are really going to like this room when I am done with it THIS TIME! :) I'm hoping DH is going to help me with this project.

I got a couple packs of blue sand with shells in it for candles if I need some more blue color in there. I bought like 6-7 packs of these small shells because I knew I wanted some for using in the candles as well as some other things. Also for those lamps to so I'm sure they will be used.

Now I can't wait to get started painting!!!! When the guy opened up the lid on the paint after mixing it, I was like, uh that's really blue! LOL It's soooooooooo hard to tell about paint! BUT one thing about it, it will be MUCH LIGHTER in color than it is now!

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Daffodil Hill said...

Well, Rose, you aren't going to have a shortage of accessories! You just have too much fun with your thrifty shopping. ; ) Hope that blue paint turns out to be exactly what you want. : )