Monday, September 15, 2008

Finishing Projects, and Ike

I have been in one more mood today. Nothing seems to be going right and I am sooooo grouchy so I just found me something to do. I had planned on spraying the scotchgard on my outdoor cushions today but thought about that and decided I better not because the love bugs would cover them and that wouldn't work. So they are STILL piled in here in the office. I can't take them out until they have been treated or they will mildew so I am stuck with them in here until the love bugs are gone I guess.
I feel so sorry for the folks in Texas. We've been there and know what they are going through. They have been on my mind today AND in my prayers! When you don't have electricity and water it makes things triple hard. Then they tell you to conserve your gas you have in your cars and you make loads of trips trying to get your supplies you have to have to survive. Well I guess you COULD make it without ice, but try it sometime for a couple days and see how bad it is. We're all spoiled to these modern things in life these days and it makes it very hard when you don't have the things you're used to. Plus losing your home or your things and the grief of it all. Just kills me knowing what all they're going through right now. :( I sat and cried watching the news this evening. It just really gets to me.
I just had to find me something to do because I felt like I just needed to accomplish something. So I got out the wooden box I found the other day that I put on here for you all to see. I got one of the dowel rods out of it and glued the piece back on it that was broken. I have it in there gluing now. I turned it upside down so it would rest on it's broken area so it would glue better with the weight on it.
Then I took those poor lace curtains off my china cabinet and got those things hemmed. They have been hanging up there now I know for a year without a hem in them. Well they are finally hemmed!
I also did some de-cluttering again. Man it's totally amazing to me how it can pile up! A little pile here and a little pile there in this little house soon gets to be wayyyy too much to handle. lol Plus with me not feeling well everything seems to be magnified! lol I guess I may as well laugh huh?
Thank you all for your sweet comments about my food. lol I warmed some of it today for my lunch and also added some cooked mixed veggies to it. I didn't need to eat anymore collards today. They make me swell so bad! So I just cooked some mixed veggies to go with the other things. I love garlic! You can't get too much of the stuff in my food. So I added just a little of my healthy butter and then a heaping tablespoon of the garlic that's in the jar to the veggies. Man they were so good! Yep there's nothing as good as a home cooked meal is there? :)

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Daffodil Hill said...

Your china cabinet looks wonderful! It has come a long way since you got it. You are just a working little whirlwind! I don't think you are ever still for a whole minute. : )

The hurricane situation really is sad. My heart goes out to everyone affected by it. Though it certainly could have been worse, the damage seems to cover quite a wide area. Even folks up north are without power because of this storm.