Monday, September 8, 2008

Love Bugs

So you say you don't know WHAT love bugs are? Well aren't you ONE LUCKY (BLESSED) human being? ;) I have NO CLUE WHY they are on the face of the earth! NONE! Nothing could eat the things they are SO BITTER! ughhhhh YES they are bitter! And YES I have tasted them, NOT by choice I can assure you! You know how we have this food chain with the critters? Well I don't know HOW these things fit into the thing because they are of no use whatsoever!!!! EVERYONE hates the things! We have them EVERY spring AND fall! They are out now in droves! And I do mean droves! I will get you a couple pix of them tomorrow because today I have already blown them off the patio and carport.

THEN I thought, ugh, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy didn't I take a pic of these gorgeous things to share on my blog! There was not ONE SPOT you could have stepped on our patio OR carport without stepping on these nasty things!!! NOT ONE! It is totally covered in them. OR should I say, was totally covered with them. It hadn't been but like 15 minutes at max when I blew them off the floor but some of them have made it back AND brought their friends with them! After they mate, I believe the male dies and the females go in the ground and comes back in force in the spring and then later in the fall. They are attracted to white or light colors and you don't dare wear those colors outside because they will wrap you up! And I can not stand anything crawling on me! They will litterly drive you nutz if you have to be outside with them. They also love something about the fumes on a car when it is running. This white car is my daughters, bless her heart! They will ruin your paint job on your car if you leave them on there for long periods of time. You can't even drive anywhere without them getting ALL OVER your windshield! When they dry, you just about have to get Brillo pads to get them off your car and windshield.

You see just inside my back door on the floor? They're that bad or worse EVERY evening. We have the screen door but they come in after the wooden door color , it's a light peach color and then the screen, beige, so it draws them! I had planned on having at least the wooden door itself painted before they came out in the fall but as you can see, I didn't get it done. :(

I have some pix of them I took this evening after I thought about sharing these nice little critters with you folks that don't know what they are. You lucky things! WHYYYYY do us southerners get all the yucky critters? ;)

Here is some info on them if you are really interested in them! Several years ago I read up on them but really don't remember it all now. Trust me when I say, they're not JUST in Florida or Texas!

Stay tuned for tomorrows pix of my black carport and patio.

Make it an awesome day! Stay inside away from the love bugs! LOL

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

YUK! I hate those things! I guess we will have them soon too!