Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Musical Bell And Sea Shells

Today I went back to the antique store my sister and I went to a few weeks ago and got me some of the sea shells they had there. They had the larger ones for 3.00. Not sure that's a good deal but didn't know where I could find any this size around here, so I paid it. (getting ready for my beachy bedroom.) Then they also had some for 2/1.00 that I bought a few of. I didn't want them all to be the same so I just bought like 8 of the small ones I believe it was. I'm going to add some more shells to it but I wanted different kinds. Anyway then went to the thrift store and found the little wooden bowl pedestal thingy for 1.55. I thought that was really neat and trying to decide IF I need to paint it country white or leave it as is. I think the sea shells show up in it well like it is, but don't know if it will stick out like a sore thumb in the bedroom with whitish or blue walls and beige furniture whenever I get all of this done! lol
Anyway while in the antique store I found this musical bell and just had to have it because it has PINK ROSES! As you can see from the price it wasn't much. It's pretty large to , it doesn't look it in the pix but it's about 8" tall. The lady had marked it down to 4.00, but I would have paid the 7.50 she had wanted for it because it's well worth that. NO WAY I would make it for that. :) Anyway I thought it was VERY PRETTY! It has the wind up music box on the inside of it. I'll have to cut me a piece of cardboard for the bottom of it and maybe cover it with some off white satin cloth since the bottom is left open. I have no clue where it will go but I saw it and it's definitely me! It's not an antique though, but that's okay with me. :)
I also found a couple more things but the wooden box thing needs gluing back. I will post pix of it. I'm really not sure what I am going to do with it but it was made from some really nice wood and has some really nice handles on it as well. I thought it would be nice for magazines but I think I want something else in it. It almost looks like a baby doll cradle. But I know it's not because it has dowel rods in it. It would be SO NEAT to sit on the hearth and put pine cones in it. But my house is really too small for larger stuff like that to sit on the hearth.

I also got my light sockets for the two chandiliers I have been working on finishing. NOW I have to get with my friend who does electrical work to see just how I need to wire the things. I wanted 3 lights per chandilier but I don't know HOW to wire one with three lights and only one electrical cord. lol

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Nice finds! I think I would go ahead and paint the pedestal bowl. Maybe use a light value of a color you will ahve in the room.
About the wooden box, it sounds like it might be a "music cabinet." They held sheet music. But I will have to see pics first to tell you for sure! LOL!