Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thinkin' About My Beachy Bedroom

Yep still dreaming here about that beachy bedroom!
Came mighty close to bidding on these pics last night!
Man those things are FINE!!!! BUT I already have that paint print I picked up at the garage sale the other day. It's kind of like these and I was afraid that would be too much of the same kind of thing in there. Our plans are to go to Gulf Shores again before it gets too cold so maybe I can find me some more nice large sea shells at that great gift shop over there. LUV that place!
I am really really wanting to downscale my furniture in our bedroom because it's too large for that small bedroom. I saw something the other day in a magazine at B.A.M. (Books A Million) that really got me to thinking. I have this large dresser and had been looking at it for awhile now thinking about cutting the ends off it. I can just hear some of you! LOL Anyway each end is JUST alike. Have been trying to figure out HOW to make it work like this because I wouldn't want it looking like it was cut up when I get finished with it. Anyway the pic in the magazine I found, they had something like this on each side of their bed for night stands. I thought, NOW THAT'S what I could do! Man what space I would have in there then. I would only be losing 3 teeny tiny drawers in the dresser by cutting it like this. Then I would be painting it like I had planned to do to begin with, the country white color. I don't know if it would work for night stands or not since it is taller than our bed is. Anyway we have this woodworking place near us that makes things. I had thought about taking it to them to see if they could do what I am talking about and it would make it smaller for the bedroom.
Edited to say: I have a favorite blog that I have to read EVERYDAY. I just LOVE Bonita's Streams of Living Water! You have just GOT to check out what she said today! These days it's really annoying me that folks are STUCK on self. I guess we ALL are selfish to some extent and I KNOW I am as well. But it's NOT ALL ABOUT ME! I have 2-3 really selfish people in my life right now and they are just about to drive me insane. One so called friend is so bad she wont even let you have the floor to talk. She talks over you when you talk. It's really gotten to me here lately because it's like she doesn't care about what you have to say, only what she wants to say. Even when I am shopping it's all around me, folks leave their buggys in the ailses and they look at you like they could kill you if you move their buggy to get around it. I mean it's gotten really bad. I really really liked Bonita's post today, and it REALLY IS TRUE, it's REALLY NOT ABOUT YOU OR I! I love her comment, "attitude tune up". I just love it when someone speaks from the heart and you can really tell she does that!
You go Bonita!!!! :) I need an attitude tune up lots of times!!!

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