Friday, September 12, 2008

The Wooden Box

For lack of something better to call it. I have no idea what it is unless it IS for magazines. As you can see it has all those dowel rods in it. My plans was to paint it so I was going to cut the dowel rods out to. I have also got to glue the piece back on. It was broken on one end at the top. In one of the pix you can see it. I haven't glued it back on yet. I just stuck it on there to get the pic. I paid less than a 1.00 for it. For some reason it reminds me of a box you'd find deep in the ocean with treasures in it. lol IF I ever get a little grand daughter I might just have to make her a little baby doll cradle out of it. It's a really neat piece. I keep loads of books beside my bed on my side so I just might have to put my books in it. That would work huh? :) I am still trying to decide on a paint color for the room so if I do decide to put this in there with my books in it, I would defiently have to paint it.

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