Sunday, September 14, 2008

Food, Stuffed, AND Country Talkin'

I cooked lunch today and we had collard greens, Mexican cornbread, broccoli cornbread, (for the D.D, dear daughter) fried chicken wings, and broccoli and cheese. You should have heard my D.H. (dear husband) As I was cooking the meal he kept saying, man this meal is going to be good while he paced back and forth through the kitchen eyeing the food cooking. ;) I guess it's really true, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach! LOL He knew what I was going to cook today for lunch so when we sit down to eat I told DD he had talked in his sleep last night about the lunch today and I didn't crack a smile. DD looks at me like did he really? Then DH says, no I didn't. Then I burst ed out laughing. He eat until he couldn't eat anymore. Have you ever tried soaking your chicken in baking soda and water with salt added to it? It really makes it good for frying. I soaked it for about an hour or so today but I normally soak it longer. You can even soak it over night like that and it's really good. Then you just drain off the water and flour it like normal. The salt seems to pull out all that old blood and then the soda seems to make it tender or something. Really good vittles! ;) Sure wish I'd taken a pic of our spread while I had it out on the table, but you KNOW what I had in mind! lol

Speaking of baking soda, have you ever heard anyone call it, baking sody? There are lots of older folks around here that call it that. I just think it's so neat how folks talk. Several years back I called my mother in law to get a recipe she had. When I wrote the recipe down I wrote it JUST LIKE she told it to me on the phone. It's so funny to read the recipe. She was one of the cooks that didn't hardly use recipes for the main stuff she made. I know folks that have to have a recipe for cornbread. I just put the ingredients in and stir. lol But lots of folks use a recipe for it. My mother in law was a really good cook! She always soaked her chicken in salt water over night. She made the best chicken I have ever put in my mouth. Oh and her spaghetti, man now that was fine! I'm not really wild about tomatoes cooked in food, not that I don't like them because I do. I got sick off canned tomatoes many moons ago when I was a teen and thought I was dying. Now I'm just not to wild about tomatoes. I do like them fresh from the garden and cooked in things if there's not loads of them in the food. Anyway she knew how to cook the spaghetti!!!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

There's nothing better in the world than a wonderful home-cooked meal. :)

Daffodil Hill said...

Great idea for the chicken! I'll have to try that (if I ever decide to cook again). ; )