Saturday, September 13, 2008

Garage Sal-ing

I had to get gas in my car today and pick up some grocery items and in my doing that I spied a garage sale sign. On my way back from getting the gas I pulled off the road and jotted the address down to the sale. I went but didn't find anything of interest. So I thought, let me ride around town here and see if I can locate another sign. Yep I found one more. Got the address and what do you think I find but one more pink rose item! YEP! A cake stand. Even my (D.D., dear daughter like this one) So I guess I did REALLY GOOD for her to like it. lol I paid 4.00 for the cake stand.

I also found at the same sale, a lace curtain, 2 very wide panels and a valance all for 1.00 each. I've been thinking about the curtain for my bedroom. That would be really airy looking for my beachy room. ;) Of course I would have to have a roman blind behind it for added privacy. Anytime I find lace panels I always get them because I can do all sorts of things with them!


buckeyesue said...

Wow, some really great deals, Rose!

I love that pedestal cake stand!

What kind of cake are you going to make for the cake stand? LOL

Anonymous said...

You sure did find alot of great deals Rose! I, like Sue, fell in love with your pedastal cake stand! It is really pretty!!

Your meal sounded soooo very delish that you made for your family today!! :) I can understand why your DH kept pacing around there in the kitchen! I bet it all smelled sooo wonderful!!