Saturday, September 27, 2008


I was just sitting here thinking of what I could post about tonight. Since decorating that bedroom is on my mind here lately I thought it could be that again! I sure hope you all aren't getting tired of me talking about it yet. ;) I was thinking about vignettes. I really like little groupings is what I like to call them and I wanted to do some of this in my bedroom.

A few years ago I saw in a Country Woman magazine, the idea about taking paper and taping it together to fit the size wall you plan on hanging your pix and items. She said to take the paper and lay it down on the floor and arrange your things on the paper. Keep playing with them on the paper until you get the arrangement you like. Then trace each thing out on the paper and if the items are all similar in size and shape to number the paper AND the items on the backs so you will know what goes where. Also put a dot where the hanger is on each item so you will know where to drive the nail in the wall or the screw whatever the case maybe. Then take the paper and tape it lightly to the wall you want to put the items on. Then nail the nail or screw the screw into the wall where you placed the dot on the paper and that way everything will be just as you put it on the paper. Then you can take your paper down and put your items up on the wall. That's just how I plan on putting my groupings/vignettes together and that way I wont have to nail too many holes trying to get it "just right".

I bought a set of these http:// and my plans are to group them together in a grouping and put a shelf beside them or under them. I had said I didn't want to do all seashells and things like that in here but I don't know how else to do the room. Plus I really like seashells anyway and I'm having fun with it. ;) I really liked these prints and I have several frames on hand and will probably paint them off white for the prints. I've been looking at them for over a week now trying to decide what to do with them. lol I can use them in the bathroom OR in the bedroom is my thinking.

I have been looking and looking for ideas online on how to display all my things as well as the pix etc. on the walls so I will have an idea of how to place the things when I get it all painted.

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I don't think you can go wrong with shells. Natural elements never go out of style. So use as many of them as you like.