Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Thank you Rhoda, Lucy!!!

Well I guess I will just have to "MAKE ME" a place to store mine! I had to chuckle at your statement Rhoda, about under the stairs being YOURS. ;)

I was thinking maybe I could get me some of those large plastic tubs that have the nice lids on them to put my things in and put them in the shed outside. That way my house wouldn't be cluttered with it all.

Just this evening, I found one more lamp, yep ANOTHER ONE! The ones I have in the bedroom now just aren't right. The ladies on the decorating forum told me last year, or was it the year before ???? The base of them was just too small for the height of the lamp they said. They were nice about it. Anyway this is one of those lamps that has the clear vase like base to it and I am HOPING I can take it apart and put SEA SHELLS in there! Right now it has some sort of dried flowers in it. I'll have to do before and after pix. I found the lamp for 1.00 and it also has the shade. I will definitely HAVE to do something with the shade though. Also if you have ever taken one of these lamps apart to put something inside there, will you please let me know how you did it? It looks like mine is glued to the metal base. I may have to soak it in some water to make the glue turn free. ???

I also found some nice thick square glass votive's for my blue candles and sea shell idea for the bedroom. Also got some more twigs for the flower or should I say the TWIG arrangement! lol

Thanx again ladies for your comments on my question.

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