Saturday, September 6, 2008

Garage Sale Art Print

When we went to take our niece her birthday present her Grandma, Aunt, and Mom were having a garage sale. I spotted this art print and just had to have it. I LOVE THE SCENE on it! It makes me feel like I am in Gulf Shores Alabama when I see it. I LOVE THAT BEACH! I had NO IDEA, NONE at all where I was going to put it. It does not fit with my deco style at all but I knew if I didn't get it I WOULD BE SO SORRY when I thought of WHERE I could use it to make it fit in. Anyway on the way home I kept looking at the pic and it hit me! OUR BEDROOM!!!! :) My plans were to paint the walls pearl white in there anyway. The print has blue in it, it has a little pink in it AND the white and off white! I have the two spreads that has the blue in them. One of the spreads is white with a light blue background. As some of you know it is chenille. I dearly love chenille spreads. Anyway the other is a darker blue with lighter blue here and there in it. Then I have the off white background spread that has the pink flowers in it that I wanted to also keep because it is SO ME! Anyway as usual I got it for a bargain. I paid 2.00 for it. :) Needless to say I AM A VERY HAPPY CAMPER because I DEARLY LOVVVVVVE this print! It is very large. It doesn't look that large but it's sitting on my sofa and it's over halfway of the sofa. Now I am thinking, airy, beachy theme for my bedroom! LOL I could use some sea shells and also use the idea I saw at Southern Hospitality's blog with the glass vase, crooked sticks and sea shells. Stay tuned, more to come later! LOL

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