Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bargains From Ross'

Hubby and I went to B.A.M. tonight and while there looking at books and magazines about beachy rooms, ;) I kept thinking, walk over there to Ross's and see what they have. When I headed in B.A.M. I thought about it but said no, and went on into the book store. I kept thinking while I was in there about Ross so I decided to walk over there and check out what they had. Well good thing I did cuz I found some more beach bargains for the bedroom. The brownish little candle holders have a whole through the top so you can string something through there and hang them. They have sea shells and an anchor on them. I thought some hay string would really be cool to hang them with since it''s the color it is. I bought two of those and two of the little tea lite fish as well. The little fish were 1.99 each and the little tea lite brown candle holders were 2.99. The seagull was 3.99.

I found some pretty blue candles earlier today for votive cups for 10/1.00 and bought 30 of them but got different colors, not just the blue ones. I keep seeing the pretty clear vases with the sand in them and a candle with the sea shells in them and I really like those. I found me a couple nice thick square glass things at Ross tonight and was going to get those for that idea and one of them was cracked and they didn't have another one. :( That would have been soooo pretty because it was really thick glass and just the right size to for the candles I had already bought today. Oh well I'll find some more later I'm sure. I also saw something else at Ross and just so happened to have my camera with me this time! Will have to post a pic of that to I guess. It's sticks, lol with sea shells glued onto them. I loved that idea and thought that would be SOOOO neat in a vase of some sort. I didn't buy those I just took a pic instead because I have sticks AND I have some pretty sea shells that I picked up off the beach that I would like to make me some with. So now I can make my own. Also they were like 8.00 for them and I knew I could have many more shells in mine that that with the sticks I already have on hand. So now I need to find me a vase for this idea.

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