Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Pix Today, Sorry!

As I stated yesterday, I was going to get pix of the patio and carport floor of all the love bugs. But I have not been feeling well today. Then on top of that, it rained this evening so there wasn't as many as yesterday out there on the floor to show you.

Since Gustav headed toward us, I have noticed loads of folks with some sort of bronchial stuff. Our daughters boyfriend had it and now she's got it and I think I am trying to get it. Our daughter went to the Dr. yesterday. I have been taking more Vit. C's for the past few days hoping to avoid the stuff and then last night my throat started getting sore (one of their symptoms) and I started taking the Airborne stuff trying to keep from getting the mess. I don't do not being able to breathe out my nose! lol Our daughter sounds like she has a bad head cold and is very hoarse sounding. I got up like that this morning but had started taking the Airborne last night at 9:30 and took a couple more doses every three hours after that so I'm hoping I kick it before it attaches itself to me! ;) Anyway also been taking it all day today and just praying it helps me not get this. Started the hubby on it tonight so maybe he wont get it either. I'm feeling pretty drained today and stayed in the bed most of the day to let my body rest to try and fight the stuff. So I do hope you all will forgive me for not taking the pic today. :) I noticed Daddofil saying her folks had something as well. Several other folks around here are sick as well. After Katrina lots of folks were sick with sinus stuff. Just makes ya wonder what these things are blowing in on us. OR maybe it's because we were so stressed out over it all until we made ourselves sick. Who knows? I just hope everyone gets well fast and back to their normal selves. :)
Daff, how cool is that? Your bedroom is also blue. Do you remember the name of your paint color? I don't want a real dark, I wanted a really light blue color something like maybe sky blue.

Hee hee after I posted this I started reading on your blog about your blue heaven! Man it is VERY peaceful looking! Makes one go, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's so relaxing! I want me some wicker furniture SO BAD! Our bedroom is really small but MAYBE I could fit in ONE of the chairs! I thought I had found me one the other day at my favorite shopping place. But then on second look at it, it was in BAD need of some TLC in which I had no idea on how to give! The whole back was out of it and I have no clue how to fix that. Dearly LOVE your blue heaven Daff! You did great!!!!!

I was just thinking, my carpet in the master bedroom is that dusty rose from the late 80's. I have wanted to change the two carpets out, in the bedroom, and the living room now for ages but my husband doesn't see the need of that for some reason. ???? Anyway so I will have to live with that dusty rose carpet unless I pull it up and just paint the sub flooring a color. lol So what I am wondering is, the color blue is not going to look right in there with THAT carpet is it? I might just HAVE to go with the white or pearl color. I'm going to get a paint card and check it though before I decide against the blue color. :)

Get well everybody!
Make it an awesome day!!!

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Daffodil Hill said...

Wow! Thanks for the compliments, Rose! I'll see if I can find the paint chip from our bedroom. We actually did this room several years ago, but maybe I can locate it. Papa wanted color on the walls, and I wanted something soothing. I bought the bedding first, then together we chose a color that worked with it. We both liked it a lot. It's a pleasant room to wake up in. :)