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IT might not be as good as some of the other ladies but I think it’s MUCH BETTER than the last time I did “IT”. lol I guess you want to know what I am talking about huh? ;)

DH wanted to go eat some pizza this evening so we went to eat and then after we finished I wanted to go to CVS. I had my 15 ECB’S (Extra Care Bucks) on my receipt from last time I went so I knew I would have something to play with. I knew I needed to have some ECB’S from this purchase today for my next trip I visit there. So this is what I did…… Well first off I need to say my total was $32.33 and my OOP (Out Of Pocket)was $6.63. Yep, it was soooooo nice not to have to pay 30 plus dollars for what I got this time!

Since I didn’t have any $/$$ CVS coupons nor CVS in store coupons and only had the manufacturer coupons and my ECB’S on my receipt from last time I went, I handed them my card to scan and then I let them ring up my purchases and then handed them my manufacturer coupons and let them scan those which there was only 2 of them, then I gave them my receipt with my ECB’S from last week to scan. Then he told me my total I had to pay and it was only $6.63 I wanted to say YES! LOL This is what I got…….


Copy paper (2) 5.00 each- But I knew they would be basically free since I had the 15 ECB’S from last week on my receipt. And then I was also getting (5 more ECB’S for buying them!)

Arm and Hammer washing powder (2) 2/$6.99 (Got 2 ECB’S.) Then had -1.00 manufacturer coupon

Cal. composition books (2) .99 each and (got .99 ECB’S for each of them. Limit was 2. So that’s 2 more ECB’s.)

Colgate toothpaste (1) 2.88 (got 2 ECB’S) -.75 coupon

-15 CVS MFR coupons (on last times receipt)

= $6.63

Says on the bottom of my receipt that I saved $32.33. That I don’t understand. lol

Actually I had to pay 1.53 in sales tax which was part of the $6.63.

So far I have only spent $65.32 on 3 different trips to CVS. Last time I went I got a free washing powders. This time I got 2 free Cal. comp. books, 2 copy/printer paper, and the toothpaste basically for free. In fact I had the .75 coupon and it said it was like I was giving .88 for it since it had 2 ECB’S on it. So I gave .13 for the toothpaste. lol

NOW let me tell you this story which I thought was sooo neat! I am NOT trying to toot my own horn here or brag or anything like that so I just wanted to make sure you understand that! Just want to show you how God can use you and maybe you’re not even aware of it yet! Last time I went to CVS I bought the little emergency kits they had on special and you get 5 ECB’S back on each 10 you spend. So I bought 3 of them. I wanted to donate the other two since I didn’t need the other two to a local thrift store that helps a lot of people. When I went in there this morning I also had a lot of DVD’s and VHS videos to donate along with some other things. She was going through the bags and I had noticed she had hurt the top of her hand and she had a small piece of Kleenex on it to stop the blood. When she got to the little emergency kits she said, I was just telling (the other girl that works in there) that we needed an emergency kit for the store and God has provided one. She opens it up and gets a band-aid and puts it on her hand. I told her then it has always amazed me HOW GOD works and it’s just SO FASINATING to me how He works!!!! See He knew before I did what was going to happen to those kits!

THEN I found a glass candle holder in there with no price on it and asked her the price and she wants to bless me with it and just give it to me. So see HOW we bless each other all the time, and He blesses us all the time and we may not even know HOW He’s going to go about it. All He asks is we have a willing heart. He’s sooooo good ALL THE TIME! And He is ALWAYS there, He is closer than a brother and is ALWAYS faithful! ALSO wanted to add, He ALSO STILL ANSWERS PRAYERS TO! LOL Thank you God for answering our prayers for Hannah!!!!



GOT MILK 2 different ones IF this link doesn’t work, check out Madame Deals link in my side bar to the right. One free with $100.00 grocery purchase and the 1/2 gallon one free with purchase of the gallon of white milk. Don’t think it matters where you use this coupon.

Scrubbing Bubbles Coupon Automatic shower cleaner $7/1

Baked Lays Coupon 1.00 (Click on the floating $ sign.)



THANK YOU MONEY SAVING MOM! Sorry, I was SO EXCITED about sharing all this with everyone that I forgot to give credit where credit is due! I am so sorry if I missed giving credit to anyone! I didn’t mean to, I was just so excited to share what I found.

ALSO check out the link in the side bar to the right…… OR click below on Kerry’s Treasure Chest.

Kerry’s Treasure Chest- CVS Sales Paper for Aug. 2-8th.

Also I just clicked on an RSS FEED link at the bottom of a page and I can’t remember which one it was. I put it in my favorites. Ah ha, here it IS Maybe you can also go to this site and see all the coupons there are to print here!!! WOW There are loads of coupons on this link. I didn’t know what a RSS FEED was until I clicked on it.

Hormel Coupons 

Krazy Coupon Lady

Stretching A Buck

Just found this on the CVS SITE! - CVS/pharmacy In-store Coupons.

The ALL YOU magazine seems to have lots of coupons in it from reading on all the ladies blogs. One said Wal-mart has the magazines.

Want to see more CVS savings? Check out Centsible Sawyers Blog!

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