Monday, July 27, 2009

CVS and More Coupons


Wanted to share this with you all as well. After I posted the other post I found these. If you will notice, the underlined words are links just in case you’re like me and hadn’t noticed this before on some of the sites.



Del Monte Pineapple coupon .50 off

Several coupons here

Heinz Vinegar Coupon


Check out Madame Deals! BOGO on Jambo Juice (BOGO mean= Buy One Get One Free OR Buy One Get Two Free)
Wanted to also show you this! Notice under where she says, You can also use CVS coupons in conjunction with a manufactures coupon. VERY IMPORTANT, the BEST ORDER to give them your coupons after they scan your card. CLICK HERE!


 Cascade Coupon The site says, you will receive a booklet by mail of over $30 in savings on 6 great  brands on great home care products we think you'll love.  I found this coupon searching on Google because I LOVE this dishwasher soap! I also love Dawn and am searching on there for a Dawn coupon now. ;)


 Organize Your Coupons Link on organizing your coupons.

Super Coupon Girl -How she organizes her coupons.


Also you can go HERE and possibly get a DISCOUNTED NEWSPAPER. Type in your zip code and see if you can get it.


ONE STEP AT A TIME!!!!! As usual I have dove in head first trying to learn it ALL yesterday! It is VERY hard for me to take it one step at a time on anything! I have been so stressed out that I was miserable!  I have been printing coupons like crazy and then it hit me last night, there is NO WAY I will be able to use all these coupons before they expire. I will use what I can use and that will be ok to. I have noticed most all of these coupons, even the ones in the Sunday paper we bought on Sunday, all expire this month or next month. So I am going to have to chill out there as well as spending ALL my time on here trying to learn about it because I really NEED to have some fun as well. IF you have coupons that have expired do not throw them away. You can send them to the troops, they can use them it says TROOPS HERE! NOTE there are certain places to send the expired ones and certain places to send the ones that hasn’t expired. She has a FAQ on the link above as well as her email to find out where to send them.

I have researched and looked around on sites trying to learn what I could and I thought it would be nice (as I find the info that helps me) to put it all together so it can help others and just maybe save you all some time as well. You can spend hours and hours and hours digging through blogs and websites reading all this stuff. It will all be there later for us to learn, so we have to remember that. We don’t HAVE TO get it ALL today! That’s WHY the ladies say just buy 2-3 things at a time so you can learn how it works and not go crazy right off the bat so you can learn it a little at a time and not get overwhelmed and stressed out. IF that happens, then you’ll quit and it’s not going to help you at all then.

If you will notice on those links, at the bottom of some of them, you will have other ladies sharing what they’re doing or what they found out, or what they bought and got for free or for almost nothing, or something didn’t work for them etc. Each one of the links you can spend hours on if you’re like me, with a dial up internet service. It even takes me loads of time trying to get the coupons with this dial up.

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