Sunday, July 26, 2009

More on CVS-ing

I wanted to share this with you all. I am in the learning process but I see how all these ladies are working together to help each other and sharing all this info on their blogs. SO I thought I would do the same and try to help someone as well.

Here is a link to a $5 off $25 purchase at RiteAid for those of you that shop there. 

NOTE this IS a RiteAid coupon not CVS.

Here is scenarios on how to do some purchases. Money Saving Mom

For beginners on July 25- Aug. 1st  LIFE AS MOM 

Make sure and read Money Savings Moms CVS 101 AND

her post on MAKING CVS WORK FOR YOU. AND then

How to Accumulate a Nice Stash of Coupons.

I’m well on my way to a stash of coupons now. I have clicked on the links they give on their blogs to coupon sites and most I had to register for and some will even send some to you in emails they said. I had to download a few coupon printer things but that’s ok to. Especially if I can save money on groceries or paper towels and bath tissue. Heck the way I figure it is this, IF I can just get those items for free, do you know that will save me like 60 bucks every two weeks. When I say these things, I mean washing powders, dish soaps, hand soaps, bath tissue, paper towels etc.

I didn’t really want to get into the manufacture coupons because I didn’t want to have to keep up with all those coupons! UGHHHHH But then I saw how they used them to save more money AND make money on their CVS bucks. Lots of items these ladies are getting on sale, they’re getting bonus bucks for, so they are free, PLUS they have coupons for some of these items so THAT coupon goes toward their purchase so therefore, well lets just say it like this……. say you are buying some pens that are on sale at CVS for 1.99. They are giving you 1.00 bonus buck for that purchase. So that means they were .99 after the bonus buck. Ok then you have 1.00 manufacture coupon, so they wound up paying you a penny for those pens. Now I KNOW a penny is NOT MUCH MONEY but this IS an example. I’m not good at math at all. In fact I hate it, BUT will have to learn it better doing all of this. I know I will have my calculator with me as well. I bought one at Wal-Mart the other day, it’s a little Casio name brand that will fit into my pocket on my zippered notebook and it wasn’t but 3 something. Just a small simple one, nothing technical. 

IF I am getting this, I am to try and make more bonus bucks each time I make a purchase so I will have bonus bucks to use each time I go to CVS. On Sat. I went because I wanted to see IF they had those CVS coupon booklets out yet (by the way for those Hattiesburg folks, I think we have LOTS of CVS-ER’S in this town!) Anyway I wound up getting a bottle of washing powders, the kind I use, for free and then had 4 bonus bucks left on my receipt to put toward my purchase. Anyway when all was said and done I spent 33 something and came out with 15 more bonus bucks for my next trip to CVS. I am spending money on things I wont use that I will just donate (helping us with our taxes for next year) I didn’t have any manufacture coupons, nor CVS coupons except for my bonus bucks. I am collecting coupons now.

Oh something else…… I am printing lots of coupons online, so there is the paper and ink for the printer. Do like I did a few years back, find you and older Epson stylus printer, mine is a 740. I go on Ebay and get enough ink to last me a whole year for about 20.00. I’m sure it will be more now since I’m printing out coupons but you can set the printer so it prints out in black and white and not color. I think I paid like 5.00 for my printer a few years ago at a garage sale. Keep your eyes peeled. I have TWO printers on my computer and I use this Epson for most all my printing because the inks cheaper on E-bay for it. The other printer, the ink is over 60 bucks for only 2 cartridges, color and black and white. OUCH! SO this will save you money on ink.

ALSO Wal-mart right now has printer paper for $2.50 a 500 sheet pack because of back to school. I just stocked up on that as well.


Freebies 4 Mom on Coupon Stacking

Edited to add: Some of the bloggers are having a spend $5.00 challenge and I wanted to share that because some of them are getting free things right off the bat with just spending $5 and with the kids going back to school this would really help out a lot of families.





Edited one more time to add: Check this out!!!  Make sure you go over and sign up to win. Coupon Organizing System, and it ALSO says…….

If you buy one within the two weeks of this contest we will refund your money.

This contest end August 9th at 10:00 PM. Rock bottom deals from CVS by Madame Deals!! See link above for more details.




Thrifty Florida Mama- Intimidated by CVS? Read on.

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Amee and Renae said...

Thanks for entering our contest rose. You get a separate entry for posting on your blog. You may want to give us credit on your link. Like rock bottom deals from cvs by madame deals. Then you can grab whatever you want from our site. We are happy to help you and your readers. It is all about learning from one another. Have a super day and enter to win everyday our coupon system really works! Amee

Susan said...

Sounds like you are really learning how to work these bonus bucks at CVS to save you money. You are really getting it organized which is something I was terrible at keeping up with. Maybe I should give it a go again. Do you have to take that zippered thing with you to the store each time you go??

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Amee, Renae and Susan!
Susan I don't guess you would HAVE TO, but I plan on doing it because just as sure as I leave it at home I will miss using a coupon on something that I use a lot of. I'm used to getting "THE" looks, I've gotten them all my life and I just snicker at the ignorance of some folks now. lol
I'm going to post another post I started on last night, some time today. I found another method another lady uses to get hers organized. I guess you just use the one that works best for you. I ad match at Wal-mart all the time and have my ad sale papers with me because they want to SEE the ad half the time.

Amee and Renae said...

I bring my binder with me everywhere. It is in my trunk. I carry it in the store instead of my purse. I just bring in my wallet in my madame deals bag. I run across tons of deals all the time especially on clearance products. check out what we found this week at all the stores

Rose1957 said...

You know I hadn't thought about that! I would want to keep mine with me as well but if it's on clearance, oh my goodness you could really save more with a coupon! THANK YOU for telling us that!