Thursday, July 30, 2009

All You Magazine

Oh my goodness, for you coupon clippers you need to run to Wal-mart and get you one of these magazines. lol DD took us out to eat this evening and afterwards I told them I wanted to go and get me one of these magazines. I have read soooo much about them online since I started clipping coupons. There is over $72.00 worth of coupons in this magazine and I got mine for $2.43. Let me share some coupons that are in this thing!

Cottonelle bath tissue, 12 pack- 1.00 coupon

Cottonelle moist wipes tub .50 coupon

Purina Dog Food (bag any size)- 2.00

C&H brand granulated sugar(any 2) 2 pounds or larger .65

Birds Eye Veggies (any 3)- 1.00 coupon

Dole All natural fruit jar .75

Splenda Sweetner fiber- (any size) 1.00

Baked Lays- 1.00

Free Weight Watchers Smart Ones Dessert with purchase of any four W.W. smart ones frozen products.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter and get 24 count crayons free

And there’s wayyyy more. That’s just a few good ones I saw that I would use. There is also a Sally Hansen Coupon for LaCross Beauty Tools- 1.00 coupon for that.

Just bunches and bunches of them. I had to go back and count how many I clipped out and there is 51 coupons!!!!I have no idea if they have lots of coupons in each issue but IF they do, I am going to subscribe! It’s a really neat magazine and for US WOMEN! :)

I also wanted to share something I found in the magazine with you about myself. Before I go on though I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not believe in astrology or reading my horoscope daily. :) The Bible tells me it’s wrong so I do not think it’s right to do. But I do believe they have something in the fact that the month you were born in has lots to do with your personality. I really don’t know enough about it to go any farther with it because I don’t get into the stuff. I was born in June, a Gemini. It says I live life at a much faster pace than some folks. Says I am in September, lol,  on course to cram more progress and experience into each moment than some people can pack into a year. Inwardly I am traveling quickly. lol yep soooo true and wearing myself out in the process to! You are growing out of ideas before others have even grown into them. If, however, you end up feeling lonely because you are so far ahead of the game, try to slow down a little! WOW TRY is right! shooooooo totally hard to do! Remember yesterdays post? OR was it day before yesterday? LOL TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME on the CVS-ING! :) Anyway sometimes I feel like I meet myself coming and going I have SO MUCH stuff going on all the time. There is sooooo much that I can’t get them all finished. ARG THIS has gotten very stressful for me since menopause to!

Anyway talking about this astrology stuff, I do believe in planting by the Almanac and stuff like that. We just got our tomatoes in the ground today because this was the last day for a few days to plant them by the Almanac.

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