Saturday, July 18, 2009


I was doing a little researching online last night trying to find some canning recipes I didn’t have and found several neat sites. I wanted to post about this in case some of you might just be interested in it because it looks like she saves quite a bit of money doing this. And who doesn’t want to save some money. You have to get the card but every time you go here and get your drugs filled or get their specials you can make money so to speak to buy other things in there with. They have specials each week she said. It sounds interesting and we want to try it. IF I don’t like it I can always just stop can’t I? Don’t know about you but I sure would like to be able to get my bath tissue and washing powders and stuff like that for free. I wind up spending something like 60 bucks or more on all this stuff every two weeks and I am sick of putting that much money in this stuff. So this MIGHT be a way I can  get it for free. I’m going to try it anyway. I am in town at least 2 times a week so it wont be like I am going there making a special trip since gas is so high now.

So check out CVS 101 to learn more. Also check out all the comments at the bottom of the post she made.

ALSO check out WALGREENS 101. In case you don’t like CVS or may want to try both?

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