Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I’ll Give Ya A Guess ;)

Yep check out the produce! Aren’t these peppers pretty? I was washing them in the sink thinking, I just got to get a pic of these! They are SO PRETTY! Our friends called us again to come pick the okra and she said get all the peppers to if you want them. I was like OK, those are SOOO PRETTY! I can just SEE them in my jars!!! They are banana pepper and jalapeño pepper. I should be able to get 2-4 quarts out of them if I’m guessing right. Anyway I got on here to post the pix and then I’ve got to get started cutting up the okra.



I’ll tend to the peppers tomorrow. I’m going to cut up the okra and will cook it tomorrow or the next day. I can cut it up and put it in zip-locks in the fridge until I can get it cooked and in the jars. I was looking at my Mother In Laws soup mix recipe she used to can last night. It had tomatoes, okra, corn and some other things in it. I was like, hmmmm I have most of what she used, I might just have to can some. So some of these might go to that project. She always made the BEST SOUP!!!!! I am SO TICKLED to be able to be canning all this stuff this year. I think this is the most we have ever put up in one year. But it sure has been fun, that’s for sure! EXCEPT for having to battle with the heat to get it. lol


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

I am just amazed at all you have canned and put up this season! Where do you store all of it? I bet looking at all the jars is amazing. Have you counted the jars?

Rose1957 said...

LOL Carolyn right now some of it is sitting on the china cabinet and some is sitting on the floor in the dining room. I have GOT to stop long ennough to clean out the pantry so I can put it all in there. My pantry beside our kitchen is from the floor to the ceiling and about 5 foot wide. I put some heacy cardboard in between the jars on the shelves that are really deep because I was loosing sooooo much storage space. I can stack them 2 to 3 deep depending on if it's quarts or pints. But two deep anyway with quarts on bottom and pints on top with the cardboard in between for support.
No I haven't ever stopped to count them yet. lol
I have bought 18 boxes of jars that I can remember though. I had 3.00 coupons for 12 boxes of them.