Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I noticed on one of the sites (Super Coupon Girl) I’ve been visiting she has a Grocery Challenge Meals each day and I thought it would be neat to share one I have that is fun and easy to do. I usually always have some sort of flour or meal tortillas in my fridge or freezer. And always have some sort of veggie in there as well AND cheese. LOVEEE CHEESE! lol You are making quesadillas.


So what you do is….. if you have left over chicken or boiled pork or boiled beef or steaks off the grill etc. cut whatever sort of meat you have up in small pieces. I had chicken yesterday and some beef roast I had done over the weekend.

In a skillet put a couple teaspoons of canola oil. I even just spray it with Pam sometimes and don’t use the oil. Put a few toes of chopped up garlic in the skillet. If you have some broccoli or spinach you can stir fry that in there as well. OR I have even used stewed squash, and you can even toss in a chopped up onion and or bell pepper if you like that. I usually cook each individual  veggie with the onion or bell pepper.

Then take the corn or flour tortilla and put the veggie and meat and cheese in it. You can make several different veggie quesadillas but put the meat in each one along with the cheese. I use my George Foreman grill to cook them with but before I got that I used a skillet with a small amount of oil so the quesadilla doesn’t stick to it. You are basically just browning it because all the insides are already cooked. Well AND melting the cheese inside. You can serve these with baked beans or with some salsa or a salad. They are SO GOOD! We made some with broccoli and cheese and chicken the other day. Then we made some with the stewed squash and chicken and then some with the beef. Then I also made some with  spinach, cheese and chicken. Basically you can already have everything ready to just throw this together when you get home from work, if you work outside the home. It’s soooo easy to do!


Beeb said...

YUMMY! I looove quesadillas - so quick and so delicious! I also like to use black beans in them, with chopped onion, cilantro, tomato...yum! Using leftover veggies is a good idea which hadn't occurred to me. Thanks for sharing!

Rose1957 said...

You are welcome Beeb! I had thought about using the beans but I hadn't thought about putting all that in there with them. GOOD IDEA and thank you to!!
I found a bean recipe on tthe gardenweb forum called harvest that is soooo good. She uses all sorts of seasonings in it. It's a canning forum. She uses garlic, chili powders, minced onion, cayenne pepper and I can't remember what all else but they are awesome! DH just loves them. I put up a few pints of them and plan on putting up more.