Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Pickles

Canning sweet pickles today. Someone online gave me her recipe and she said she sells them, and sales bunches of them. So I wanted to try them. I usually like sweet pickles in some of my things I cook so I thought I could use them for that as well as eating with a sandwich sometimes. I am using Splenda and Stevia though since I am a diabetic instead of the sugar it called for. I sure hope they turn out OK. I had all the ingredients to do them with so I said, why not? Plus they’re simple to make as well. I got 8 pints and a partial quart but didn’t water bath the quart since I was going to stick it in the fridge anyway.

I need to count and see just how many jars of stuff we have canned this summer so far. I haven’t kept a count on it all.

We are going to pick the okra this evening. A friend asked if we wanted it and we said yes. I think she has basically canned all she wants or wasn’t able to do this batch herself.

We had a nice rain this evening and it’s a little steamy out there now from the humidity.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,enjoyed your blog.
I am canning sweet pickles next week. Could you share your recipe with me?
My E-Mail is