Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lunch and Dinner Menu’s

Do any of you have trouble figuring out what you’re going to have for lunch or dinner at any given time? I don’t know about you but I am tired of cooking. I guess I’m just getting old and worn out and am just tired of cooking since I have been doing it since I was say 12-13 years old. lol Been married for 33 years going on 34 years and am married to a man that loves to eat. lol I’m the main one that cooks although he does cook ever once in a while. Sure wish it was more though. Is nice to eat some ones food other than your own pretty often. Anyway the reason I am making this post is because I have been reading on the Once a Week Cooking Forum.

One lady was saying she cooks chicken, say boil it, a large amount so you can use one portion of it for one meal, another portion for another meal and then the last portion for yet another meal. She called it C.O.S.T. cooking ideas cook once, serve twice, or even more times. She said say you’re making enchilada chicken you can boil the chicken and use some for that and then use some for a rice meal, or chicken enchilada soup, or a great chicken taco salad. You could even use some of the chicken to fry up some quesadillas with veggies stuck the them along with the chicken. Then just serve it with some salsa. This is one reason why I wanted to do some of the things I am canning is so I will have this stuff on hand when I decide that’s what I want to make for a meal. I will have the salsa, the tomatoes, the beans and the other things I am canning. We love Mexican dishes and I never tire of eating them. I could eat them every day.

I like dishes that are easy and doesn’t have several items in them. Or at least items I keep on hand most of the time. Since menopause the easier I make it for myself the better off I am and everyone else is.

I wish I could be more organized when it comes to our meals and know what I am going to cook from one day to the next, but I’m not.

I really like the idea someone had about boiling their chicken and making broth or stock which ever you want to call it. Then she took the meat off the bones and canned that up as well. I want to do some of that so I will have the chicken ready to do what ever I want to do with it and make a really quick meal. Same with the canned ground beef. If you don’t have anything thawed out, you wont have to worry because you have it canned for a really quick meal. I usually keep tortillas on hand most of the time so I can throw in some of the meat in the tortilla and add some veggies and cheese and either bake them or do them in the George Foreman grill. Then I have the salsa that I/we canned to eat with them.

While browsing around on the O.W.C.F. I found this Eat Real Good on meal planning.

Did you see the Crock-Pot Pizza recipe on the link I gave in another post I made? It was the Tammy link. She had loads and loads of neat recipes! I printed that one out to cook. I have even already written out my grocery list from all the recipes I got from her site.

I know I am talking about food an awful lot these days but I am trying to get myself more organized so I can stay out of the kitchen a little more. My DH is retired and is basically with me 24-7 and wants to eat 3 meals a day and thinks I am the one that needs to cook them. So this way he can throw a jar of our canned stuff in a pot and warm er up! lol Even a 7 year old could do this pizza in a crock pot if the ground beef was already cooked and in a jar.

Would love to hear from all of you on the meals you serve that are short and sweet. ;)


Susan said...

I can't imagine having to cook three meals a day. Your husband is lucky because he'd starve if he waited on me to fix something LOL.

I have read where some people fix a week or two of meals in one day and freeze them to save time cooking every day. I hope you can work out a plan to where you can spend less time on it and do other things that make you happy.

Rose1957 said...

Oh noooo Susan I don't cook that many meals a day. lol He would love it if I did. I try and make things so I don't have to cook everyday. That's why I was on here trying to find new ideas. If I can boil some chicken and have several meals from that, then that's awesome! He can throw some chicken in a flour tortialla and heat it up with some cheese and beans! lol