Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CVS-ing Today

Well I went and signed up for my very own CVS  Extra Bonus Card in short…..  EBC. I’m just starting out and I KNOW that I have to IGNORE the higher prices if I am to get anywhere with this. Man that’s the hardest thing ever! LOL I am a bargain kind of gal and do love to get a deal on EVERYTHING! I am very frugal and feel like I am wasting our money if I don’t get a bargain. Especially since my DH has retired! My brain was fried when I got out of CVS today. Just trying to remember all I have read, then ignoring the higher prices, oh dear, and then trying to find those bonus bucks because I NEED some to get started with. Then trying to not look at those buy one and get one frees’ that are in there because I NEED some EBC’S! LOL And THEY didn’t give me any and I was focused on getting some. I spent 31.48 and got 6 EBC’s. The receipt I got said I saved 14.46. I do feel like I saved some on their bath tissue because the kind I get at Wal-mart is like 6 something and it lasts for 2 weeks. It’s the 12 pack that are double packs and is very heavy so it might just last us a whole month! Imagine that! Can’t remember which name it is right off hand. But anyway CVS had a large pack like that and it was only 5.00 but with no EBC’s. :( Seems like they said you get 2% on the dollar that you spend? NOT for sure on that! STILL trying to get all of this. Just can’t wait until I can get 245.00 worth of groceries and stuff for 10-20.00 bucks! LOL OR even less would be nice to! ;) Heck it would be nice to only have to pay a dollar or two for 60-70 dollars worth of groceries. lol

I’m still trying to remember what rolling them over means and how to keep going next week so I will have more EBC’s than I have this week and not go bankrupt. lol  Had DH in there with me today and oh dear, lets just say I think I might need to do this alone or get him focused on what we’re in there for. ;)

I sure did want one of those foot scrubby things though but never could find it and forgot what the thing was called! My brain was fried when I got out of there just trying to remember what all I had read and what I was SUPPOSE to do to get some bonus bucks. Lots of the things I wanted to get, naturally they were out of. Those made the higher bonus bucks. Then I was like, hmmmm I didn’t even have my manufacture sp? coupons today since I am just trying to get started with this. I was like oh dear, throw in ONE MORE thing and I am totally confused. Going to KEEP AT it though. They said at least try it for 3 months before you throw in the towel which I wanted to do before I even got to the cash register today! LOL Being in menopause doesn’t help the situation I’m sure and then ya toss in the diabetes and ya talk about NO PATIENCE?  Y half the time I can’t even remember how to spell let alone EBC’s or what to do when and where. Let’s see she said to give them your card first when you get ready to cash out. Then you give them your CVS coupons, then your manufacture sp? coupons, then last but not least your bonus bucks. I sure hope I have got this right because I have went over that in my head jillions of times now TRYING to get it. She explains it all so well but there is sooooo much to learn and I am a very impatient soul and am very hard on myself when I can’t seem to grasp something very very quick.

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My problem is also a slow dial up because we can’t get fast speed out in the country. We’re ONLY about 7 miles out of town but it’s not here yet. lol So with the slow dial up getting the online coupons is really really fun! I’m not meaning to complain it’s just soooooo annoying and frustrating. Oh and the HUGE question IS: WHERE and HOW am I going to keep up with ALL OF THESE COUPONS? My DD is VERY GOOD at organizing things, but me, nope, not in my blood at all. So I’m like, oh deeeeeeearrrrrrr. HOW to organize these so I don’t have to hunt them? I don’t do hunting stuff. arggggggg

What I HAVE found out online is that most all of the coupons I have found are the same ones on all the sites I am looking at. I have signed up to receive bunches of them but I’m afraid all of them are going to be sending out the same coupons. DH is going to start getting the Sunday paper so we will have a larger coupon collection. OH BOY! (grin) I can see a rather large plastic box with some homemade index dividers in our future. lol Don’t think they make those large enough for a plastic tub.

Well that’s all the news for today. Come back and see how I do at CVS-ing. ;) Sure is easier to bargain shop at the thrift stores. Oh by the way I did score a goodie today. Will have to tell you about that later though. ;) So come back to see me.


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Susan said...

Oh gosh, that would be way too complicated for me to keep up with. I hope you save a lot doing this. I use to clip coupons, but I never seem to have them when I needed them or they had expired. I finally gave up. I think you can save a lot though if you're organized and persistant with it, which I was not. Love the peppers; they are so pretty.