Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovin’ All of This Saving Money

Well I did it again! Our little grocery was having a sale on a gallon of milk for 2/$5.00 today. I had a coupon for .75 and then I also had another coupon for a FREE half gallon of chocolate milk when you buy a gallon of white milk. Had it not been for these ladies I am learning SOOOO MUCH from online here, I’d never gotten these deals! So I wound up paying less than 2.00 for my gallon of white milk and got a 1/2 gallon for free! Then they had large eggs for .68 today so I got one of those as well. Then their bananas were .69 a pound so I got some of those, they were $1.62. So I wound up saving 3.09 on the half gallon of chocolate milk, .81 on the eggs, .79 on the milk, for a grand total of $4.60!

ALSO a little note here! I checked with the manager to make sure I could use my printed out coupon off the internet before I got to the cashier.


Gallon of milk $1.75

1/2 gallon chocolate milk- free

large eggs .68

bananas 1.62

Man this is so nice to save a little money!!


GET YOUR COUPONS NOW or they wont be there to get tomorrow. OK from what I am understanding after today you wont be able to get any of the coupons for this month online because there will be NEW coupons online since tomorrow is August. All the July coupons will be gone after today they said on one of the sites I visited. I learn something new everyday! :)


Hey check this out! For those of you that do not have a CVS bonus bucks card, you have to have one to get this. Anyway check out what ABUNDANT FOOD SAVINGS had to say about a FREE GIFT FROM CVS in August!

HERE is a link for loads of coupons.




Jennifer said...

GREAT shopping! I saw on the Centsible Sawyer's site that you were fairly new to CVSing, and I wanted to encourage you to keep at it. It takes a little while to learn the ropes, but it's SO worth it!

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Jennifer that was SO SWEET of you! I can use all the encouragement I can get! :) The main problem I am having is my nearest CVS is like 25 miles from me. I know it could be worse, it could be farther away. It sure would be a blessing if our little town had one. I could take advantage of lots of the sales if we had one closer. BUT I will do what I have to do until I can get one closer to me.
Thank you again for your encouragement!