Thursday, July 30, 2009

Light Bulb

I know I am talking about CVS-ING a whole lot but I am trying to learn it and also wanted to help someone else get it. I found a site last night that made it click for me. The light came on so to speak. I don’t know if it’s HOW she explained it OR if it’s that I have read and read some more trying to understand it. BUT I finally got it last night. OR I think I did lol.

“CVSing” Guide At Southern Savers Blog

FINDING BALANCE Notice CVSing- Getting free stuff on the July 14th thread she has.

THAT is WHY they do the multiple transactions! So they don’t have any out of pocket (OOP) to have to spend! In other words, say you have $5 you want to get started with. A few days ago with all the school supply sells at CVS you could get pens or paper or whatever for .98 and get .98 back in EBC’S. You buy 5 of those that give you the same ECB’S back, then you have $5 dollars to spend in another transaction without having to have any more money in your pocket. You can do this until you get the limit they say you can have because each thing has a limit. Then you can walk out of CVS with loads of stuff and you only had to pay $5 for it all and you probably still have $5 more CVB’S to use the next time you go to CVS.

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