Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Picking Blueberries

We went to one of our friends house yesterday evening to take him a cover he wanted me to fix him for putting over his boat motor. We got there and the table was full of blueberries. I ask, where did you get all these? She tells me of another friend of ours where she got them from. They usually sell to a guy but the guy said the bottom had dropped out on them and he didn’t give him but .25 a pound for them after he was having to pay the picker .50 a pound. So the rest he is letting friends get. She told us to call him so DH did. So long story short we went this morning and picked around 4 gallons of them. We just got finished putting them in the bags. I got 17 quart bags of them and they are packed bags. lol My plans are to make some jelly or jam with them and make it with Splenda. :) We have eaten our fill of them. Dh stated we should have gotten our antioxidants for today. lol Wanted to show you a pic of how pretty these things are. I hate it for them though that they didn’t get the money they should have gotten for them. We gave them some money for ours but I have no idea how much these things go for these days, so it may not been enough. ?? She didn’t want to take it but DH put it in her pocket. lol


After we got done picking them which didn’t take long at all, we were heading back to their house for a little visit when we spied these little Bob Whites. So we stopped to smell the roses one more time and took some pix. lol They are SO CUTE scooting out across the grass.





There was 5 of them but I don’t see the 5th one on this last pic. He may be hidin’ in the grass. ;)


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

WOW! Blueberries are pretty pricey in the stores. Maybe not as expensive as the last couple of years, but I saw them $2.00 for a pint a couple of weeks ago.
Your freezer and pantry shelves must be FULL by now! :)

Susan said...

What a pretty picture of all those blueberries. I would love to have some of those (not 17 bags full mind you LOL). That was nice you gave them some money for them but then, I can tell from reading your blog, that's the kind of people you and your husband are. Didn't you get a doggie a while back? Haven't seen him in any pictures lately.

Rose1957 said...

LOL Carolyn, yeah the pantry is full but it's not ALL canning stuff. Lots of my electrical things are in it for my kitchen. I really NEED to find me ANOTHER place for those so I can have more space to put the canning stuff. I will wind up giving some of this away, we always do when we can it either for the freezer or in jars. Oh dear, THAT much a pound for them and he didn't want to give them but .25 a pound?

Hi Susan, yeah we got one. The thing is spoiled rotten! His name is Buddy. We've taken pix, just haven't posted them. He has really gotten into ALL THIS CANNING! He thinks he's suppose to eat whatever we're doing. We we snapped beans, he had to have some to eat. The other day DH was slicing up the bell pepper for something we were canning and he had to eat some of that to. I was amazed he ate the stuff but he did. Everyone DH dropped he grabbed to eat. He was cutting up some jalepenos the other day and really had to watch him since the things he's suppose to eat what we are canning. lol Like I said spoiled rotten!! He whines if he doesn't get to have what you're eating but we don't feed him from the table.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

What a great find! We have never bought blueberries but a lady near here raises and sells them and I heard that she gets $16 a gallon! Too expensive for me! But that may not be accurate because I just "heard it through the grapevine"! ha

God bless,