Saturday, July 18, 2009


I was just cleaning out my favorites and came across a whole bunch of canning links and I figured I’d share them with my friends on here. Took me loads of my time finding all these and I thought it might be nice to have them all in one place. Plus I really need to do something to get my mind off things that hurt me if you know what I mean. Just going to turn those over to God and let Him handle them because I sure can’t handle them!  I think my hormones must be way out of whack because I am letting things really really bother me these days. Plus I’m tired and not feeling good to boot, not a good combination if you know what I mean.

From what I am understanding from lots and lots of people there is loads of people canning this year. Don’t know if it’s up north mostly or just all over, but there is much more canning going on this year.

Before I go on there is also something I need to share with you. I have been studying on all of this for a little while now trying to learn the proper way to can with a pressure canner and just canning in general. I have a Presto pressure canner that I have had for many years now and from what I am understanding some of them are coming from the Presto company at least 4 pounds off. In canning most of my recipes I have canned I am suppose to can them with 10 pounds pressure. IF my Presto canner is off by 4 pounds then I am only canning at 6 pounds which is very dangerous. There is something called a 3 piece weight set that I ordered that will solve this problem and keep me from having to stand guard over the canner when it’s in operation. You can find out more about this at the Harvest Forum if you have a Presto Canner. Presto 3 Piece Weight Set 

NOTE: Also you really need to do your own research and make sure these canning links I am posting here are canned the proper way to keep from harming yourself or someone else. I can’t take responsibility for them all being right because I am also new at this and still learning. The food has to be canned right to be safe and we can’t make our own recipes or change ones that have been tried and tested! The folks at the Harvest forum are very helpful when it comes to this.

Mississippi State University

Canning Food Recipes

Canning USA

Balls Site

Canning Pantry

Preserving the Harvest

National Center for Home Food Preservation (The site the Harvest Forum really believes in)

Lesley’s Canning Recipes

Pick Your Own All About Canning

Noll’s Home Canning and Freezing

Home Canning Pure and Simple

Bella Online Successful Home Canning

Canning as a Method of Food Storage

Astray 500 Recipe on Canning

Culinary Cafe’

Cooking Forum Canning and Preserving


I have enjoyed looking around on these sites myself. Some of the recipes I have gotten from some of them I have had to check to make sure the canner pressure time is correct because some folks want to shorten the length of time something is suppose to be in the pressure canner. So please do double check these sites to make sure they are correct!

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