Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meditating Today

I’ve been doing a lot of meditating today on several things I want to share with you. First off on the state I live in. I am from Mississippi and I am VERY PROUD of the state that I live in. There are loads and loads of nice intelligent folks in this state. Loads of them have became very popular. One day I am going to do a post on all of them I can think of that is FROM this GREAT STATE I live in. But to name just a couple that is right off the top of my head, Elvis Presley, Oprah Winnfrey, not sure on her last name spelling, but you get the point, and last but not least is the wonderful Charlie Pride! There are loads and loads more people. The state of Ms. has gotten REALLY BAD raps and I am SO SICK of hearing them all. My daughter and I feel the same about this subject. We like our state. There are folks that think we are idiots and rednecks here but let me tell you, there are idiots AND rednecks EVERY WHERE YOU GO unfortunately. I was born and partially raised in Alabama and I do love Alabama but MS. is just an awesome place to live. The people here are nice on the most part and they don’t stick their nose up at you. When you’re driving along the roads, several folks are just as liable to wave at you as not and they don’t even know you. That’s HOW friendly folks are! 

Alrighty, got this to add so you can have MORE info about this wonderful place I live in! First off, you know that song by Merle Haggard, Fighting Side of Me? It says, when they’re running down our way of life our fighting men have fought and died to keep. If you don’t love it, leave let this song that I’m singin’ be your warning. When your running down our country man you’re walking on the fighting side of me. That’s how I feel about Mississippi. :) Check this out for some great info about my state.

Then secondly on things I’ve been meditating on today, is folks attitudes, not just MS. folks either. This is every where, not just in the state of MS. because every where I have been I have seen this. You can’t even sit in a place to eat without hearing folks fussing about something or talking about someone. Today while I was at KFC I had to sit and listen to a bunch of folks fussing about their cell phone bills and there was a large group of them and they got louder and louder and louder. I was in a tizzy by the time I finished my lunch. Ones bill was 250.00 for a cell phone bill. I was like OH MY WORD that is a power bill! I’d be getting rid of me a phone! BUT that is beside the point, either you have to listen to their bad language or fussing and being negative about something or listen to them TALK on their cell phones! For petes sake can’t they even eat in peace without their phones stuck up to their ears? I had TWO people nearly run me over yesterday because they had cell phones up to their ears when they were driving not paying attention to what they were doing. I had the right of way on one of them and the other one was in a parking lot and the woman litterly came on the WRONG side of the road driving. I had to completely STOP! WHATTTTTT is happening to this world? Is cell phones THAT important? More important THAN HUMAN LIFES???? When you can’t even visit with your family for texting and talking on the phone, something is wrong!!! I am sorry if I offend anyone but we really need to pay attention to what we are doing here. I read a book awhile back and the woman is SOOOOO RIGHT ON with what she was saying! She said when you have company at YOUR HOUSE, THEY, the company is more important than anything else. They should be your focus! She said if the phone rings, do not answer it unless it’s an emergency because you have company and they are what’s important right now. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! THAT my friend makes people feel VERY IMPORTANT that you think enough of them to spend the time they are there at YOUR HOUSE, with them! AND NOT ON SOME PHONE OR TEXTING! We are to be servants to others, we’re not serving folks when we can’t even visit with them for staying on the phone or texting. Anyway this is some things I have been thinking about today and I have one more.

3rd thing, SELFISH PEOPLE……. I know that we are ALL selfish at some time or the other. But I think that is what a lot of the problem is now is that everyone is thinking of self and not anybody else. Used to you didn’t hear every ones dirty laundry so to speak because it was kept at home and no one heard it when you were talking on the phone. NOW, you hear every ones because they carry their phones around while they shop, EVEN TO THE BATHROOM! I am sorry, well no I’m REALLY NOT but when you go to the bathroom, THAT should be the LAST PLACE the things answered! I was in the restroom awhile back and I was plum embarassed because some woman was ON THE PHONE in the stall next to me!!! I was taught to be considerate and to have some modesty. HOW can I HAVE modesty when the woman in the next stall from me is on HER CELL PHONE! WHAT has happened to BEING CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS? This REALLY bothers me!!!! What do we have to do, ASK them to please get off the phone? There is something wrong with this picture. I am NOT trying to be mean here, or critical but I live in this world to and my rights are being stomped on like crazy and I know I am not the only one that has problems with all of this stuff. I KNOW there are other folks that were also taught modesty!

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carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

I hear ya! On all counts! Alabama gets a bad rap too. I get so sick of hearing people make fun of the people in my state. It's just like you said, rednecks are everywhere and not just in the south.

And I agree about the use of cell phones to and the constant texting. Drives me nuts! There is a time & place for everything!

Have a great weekend!