Thursday, July 23, 2009

CVS Info and Bargain Shopping

Susan had posted a reply on my comments to the post I made about CVS-ing. Yeah it is pretty bad if you don’t get organized. I hate no despise to hunt for stuff so I KNOW I have got to get organized with it. The ladies on the blogs I’ve been visiting tells us to use the baseball card collection organizer. One said she got hers from Wal-mart but ours didn’t have a zippered on like she suggested. Only the notebook type. The notebook type one was 19.97 and then I’d had to bought the zippered notebook and that would have made me be spending 19.97 just for those plastic things to put the coupons in. So I said, hmmm let me get the zippered notebook they have on sale right now because of school and then I can go to office depot or somewhere and see IF I can find those plastic things the baseball cards fit in for using with the coupons instead of baseball cards.

Edited to add: I found the baseball card plastic sleeves at Hobby Lobby and used their 40% off coupon to get them. There are 30 sleeves to a pack and I'm thinking they were like 6.99 and I got like 2.80 off with the coupon.

I’ll have to post a pic of it, They had several different kinds to choose from and this one was only 10.00 and it has a pocket on the outside of it that is ALSO zippered that holds your calculator! :) I chose black and red because maybe it wont get to looking so nasty looking with all the use. 

I’ve just got to show you this precious little Tupperware cake taker I found my niece, Hannah at the Flea Market today. It was only 3.00 and I just could not pass it up. I got her the little easy bake oven awhile back and this will be perfect with it. PLUS a couple days ago I found this little bitty flour sifter to for her. Just too cute!

First, this is my coupon organizer. The zipper part for the calculator is on the front there where the red is.


Then here is the little flour sifter and the cake taker.


Next is the 3.00 coffee pot I bought. I like the curves! I use one of these every Christmas time to make my spice apple cider with that we call wassle. I have one already but it’s not as shapely as this one. lol


Last but not least is the pretty bottle I found at the Salvation Army yesterday for only 2.59. I want to put some of those lemon drops in it like Cindy did over at the Romantic Homes Blog.


I  just love glass things like this!

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