Friday, July 31, 2009


Was sharing with Beeb (Super Coupon Girl) how I do quesadillas and while fixing me some lunch awhile ago I thought about sharing this idea. She is doing a meal challenge trying to watch how much money she spends in a week on groceries. Sometimes for lunch I just am not hungry and don’t want much, just something simple. I buy those Maruchan Ramen noodle soups at Wal-mart, 12 packs to the box for like 1.44. I really like them and there is 0 trans fat BUT they are very high in sodium which I have to watch because of my blood pressure! SO this is what I do, I put mine in a little water in a cereal bowl and cook it in the microwave for 2 minutes (ours is a large one). THEN when they’re done I add some of the seasoning packet that comes in the little pack with them. NOW this is the deal, DON’T ADD ALL of the seasonings to it so you don’t get all that sodium! I know, I know, it’s NOT quite as good but hey, I want to be around to enjoy some more of them in the future and I also want you to be around as well. I assure you, you WILL get used to it and it will be much healthier for you! THEN I also buy the UNSALTED crackers as well and I eat those with my soup. I like the chicken flavor better than the beef but you might enjoy the beef better. Anyway this is simple to make, cheap to boot and good. I have also when I had deboned chicken in the fridge left over from another meal, I have added some of it to the soup and that is very good. PLUS I have added chicken broth, my own of course, not the boxed kind that is full of more sodium. Anyway I use the chicken broth instead of the plain water and that makes it better as well. NONE of my chicken broth gets thrown out around here. I put it in ice trays and little butter bowls and freeze it.

Opps I forgot to add, you can put the left over seasoning in a zip-lock and save it for the next pack of soup so you wont have to use the one that comes in that pack, since you have one already opened. You can use the unopened seasoning pack in some homemade soup you make, to season it later on. 

ALSO…….One of my friends goes to another country every year to help with mission work and she buys these Ramen noodle soups and that’s what she uses as a starter base for her homemade soup. I thought that was a really good idea. If you make a smaller pot of soup you might not want to add the whole pack of seasoning so you wont have soooooo much sodium in your soup.


So that’s just another really inexpensive way to eat.

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