Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who Are You?

When no ones watching, WHO ARE YOU? When you think no one is listening, who are you?

If we are truly Christians we are suppose to be set apart. Do you know that there are some folks that say they don’t sin, that if you sin, you aren’t really saved? I just can’t wrap my mind around that because there is NO WAY we can’t sin day after day because we aren’t God, we’re human. You know how He tells us to look at the fruit? I see these same folks talking about others, isn’t that a sin? Doing things they say they don’t believe in, isn’t that a sin? I also see them over eating, isn’t that a sin? Or do they look at these things as not being a sin? Or have they lost their salvation if they sin? I just don’t understand how they don’t think they sin. I just don’t understand it when I see all these things I’ve meantioned above. I don’t understand how some folks think only their church folks will get to heaven and not other folks. I truly believe if you have asked God to forgive you your sins and you truly meant it from the bottom of your heart, you shall be saved. In the book of John He tells us so!!!

I know I sin lots of times and man I KNOW I have large beams in my own eyes so I can’t cast any stones. I have seen them look me up and down because of what I  am wearing. That doesn’t bother me though because I KNOW whose I am and I know that He looks at my heart and not what I have on. God is a good God and He knows that I try with all my heart to be what He wants me to be. Not what others expect me to be. He also knows I fall so short a lot of the times but He also knows I am not perfect just forgiven. When I fall short I have to ask Him for His forgiveness and not think myself above someone else.

We as Christians are also suppose to be peacemakers. Are we running around talking about people and looking down on them? In God’s sight no one is better than anyone else. A peacemaker doesn’t say or write things to try to stir up stuff with other people. They don’t look for faults in other people because they know they also have beams in their own eyes. So what I am saying here isn’t meant to be condemning or pointing fingers because like I said, I have a beam in mine own eye.

So who am I really? Who are YOU really? One day we’ll have to give an account for EVERY idle word we’ve ever said. Man some of us are going to have to give lots of accounts. :( God TRULY KNOWS WHO we are and what we do. We don’t fool Him. We don’t have to worry about the preacher seeing, we’re to worry about God, not the preacher.

Remember He never leaves us or forsakes us? He’s always with us and He really knows WHO we are, even when we’re alone or even when we’re with a crowd, He STILL KNOWS! He knows ALL AND SEES ALL! We’re NOT fooling Him. We’re really not.

Thank You God for being WHO YOU ARE and thank You for being patient with us. Thank You for Your grace and for answering prayers. Thank You for Your word so we can read it and hide it in our hearts. Thank You for forgiveness and thank You for saving my soul!! I thank You that I don’t take that lightly that I take it very serious!!!! There are so many things that I am thankful for and You know my heart and what they are. Just so many to try and name. Thank You for today and thank You for nature and for the beach that I dearly love! Thank You for freedom and for Soldiers that are fighting to keep us free. Keep them safe while they try to keep us safe. Amen

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