Friday, October 30, 2009

Old Linens

Found me some old linens at a great bargain! Paid $9.63 for all of this along with a piece of a telescope. Yeah, I needed a piece off it for one I had found a few weeks back on a tripod. This one was the same name brand and I knew it was cheap so I got it to fix the other one with. ;)

These are 3 scarves that someone did a neat stitch on around the sides in pink.


A crocheted one. It’s a little larger than a dinner plate.


This one was hand embroidered. Look at the work!


This is a toaster cover I think. It has also been embroidered. Then on the other side it has just a grouping of the flowers and not the X’s.

PA290721  Check this next one out! I already found a home for it! I sure wish the colors were more true. :( This one is just gorgious! I even got another close up pic of it.


Close up…. isn’t this awesome work? I mean it’s perfect!




And then this square table cloth. On each corner is castles and the names of each! I’ll use this on my round table when I have the leaf out.



This next one I ALSO dearly LOVE!


This is the middle of the square tablecloth.


I also love this one but can’t figure out just where/what I want to do with it because it is an embroidered square pillow cover.


This is a jacket like shirt that has embroidery on the back of it. I just feel in love with the pink flowers. It doesn’t fit me unfortunately so I will make a throw pillow or something out of it I guess. Actually it’s thread bare in a few spots anyway except for where the embroidery is. Also It’s on a hanger here so that’s light you see toward the bottom of the shirt.  I took a couple pix of it as well because the pockets had these roses on them as well. Sorry, they are a little blurred because I tried to get a really good close up of them.



Got these little dishes to make some holders for my pillow candles with. I am going to decorate them with some seashells for the bedroom. Also the fish below will go in the bedroom as well.

Pa290728 Pa290726


Hope you enjoyed seeing all the linens.

Have you found any bargains lately you want to share with me? Feel free to leave me a comment, I love them!



Anonymous said...

Rose you never cease to amaze me with your bargains. These are absolutely gorgeous and what a deal girl!


Rose1957 said...

Thank you Lucy! I do love the thrill of the hunt! It's just like finding treasures!