Friday, October 30, 2009

Beach Bedroom

I’m back working on this room again. It got so hot I didn’t bother with it this summer. As you remember I started this project back in the fall of last year. I was in the hunt mode for an old dresser to match my old chest, which I finally found a couple months back. Anyway this weekend or Monday one I will go get my floor covering for the floor. It’s a neutral color that I can put any color with. I have looked around for me a bedspread and haven’t been happy with anything I’ve found.

I saw this one on this bed and about flipped out! I don’t remember WHERE I saw this pic. I had just saved it on here for an inspirational pic. But I LOVE this spread! I don’t want palm trees or lighthouses or anything like that for my bedspread. In fact what I was thinking about was this. I thought about making one something like this and making it like a duvet cover so I could take the bedspread out of it in the summertime and just use it without anything in it for the summer. Then put the spread which is more like a large quilt back in it for the wintertime.


Although my walls aren’t white, they’re sky blue. So I don’t know IF this would be too much blue or not. The bottom half of the walls ARE white. On the pillow sham I want to do a monogram in white where the blue is.

I’m STILL trying to get all of this figured out! You’d think after a year I’d have it wouldn’t you?

OK went and looked at fabric tonight and had my paint card with me and I never did find a blue that would work for the stripe in this quilt to match my blue walls or even come close to matching! :( I even looked a printed fabric with white in it so it would look right to add the white piece in it. Now I'm back to square one again.
I wanted to somehow incorporate beige into it as well. I had thought if I could find cloth with beige and white that I could do a beige bed skirt. Anyway still trying to figure it out.


Oh man Punky, that is GORGEOUS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all that lace! That is just beautiful! Hey you guys check this out! Isn’t it pretty? CLICK HERE 

OUCH at the price of the king size one though. :(

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