Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Old Trees, Live Oaks


This old oak was so neat. I sure hope it’s not dead but it sure looks like it is. This was in the area where the Indians came and eat oysters many many years ago and they have a huge pile of shells mounded up. The Indians came down this way in the winter time so I am told and they would sit and eat the oysters and throw the shells in a pile. They let you visit the area and this tree was in the area.


This honeysuckle vine was in the same area.


This curvy stick looks a little like a snake lying on top of the grass and weeds.


Isn’t it neat how this vine just kept piling itself up at the foot of this tree?


One of the live oak trees.


This tree had these knots all over it! I don’t know WHAT kind of tree it is but it caught my daughters eye as well as mine. I said to her, surely it was from woodpeckers?



One of those large live oaks.


Vines, vines, and more vines. Look how huge these things are!


A little bunny rabbit that was at the opening of the area we went into the shell mound. It was running wild. We got pretty close to it taking the pix.


This is another one of the huge live oaks. It is filled with moss.


This live oak was in a little park.

One more…..


This little squirrel was at the base of the pine on the left when I saw it and ran to get my camera out of the car. When I came back it had ran down the tree so far until I had to hunt for it. I took a couple pix of it and then it decided it would come up to this vine and sit between the two trees. It sat and posed for me while I took a bunch of pix of it. I might have to frame one of these!

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