Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thread of Hope

This song by Jeff and Sheri is just so awesome and encouraging I just had to share it. I have always LOVED Jeff and Sheri Easter and just realized I’ll have to tell my family that’s one of the things I’d like to have for Christmas since I now have a CD player in my car.

I was at the thrift store yesterday and God knew just what my soul needed! I was in much need of some encouragement and God knew that. I found 19 video’s of Bill and Gloria Gathier’s Homecoming video’s. We watched two of them last night and I was just so uplifted. I was so down and out and burdened, struggling trying to help someone else see something and not wanting to be a discourager about it all. Sometimes it is very hard for you to talk to people that are hurting you or your family or someone else. I just don’t know the right words to say or just how to say them. I try and think how God would do it but I still worry about how it will effect the person I am going to have to talk to. I get to the point I can’t even sleep. But God KNEW just how bad I was struggling with this and He is ALWAYS faithful. God is just so totally awesome!!!

I have more songs I want to share as well but this one tops them for right now. I hope you enjoy it.  To hear the song you can click on THIS LINK.



Thread of Hope

The woman needed healing of that dreaded disease,
her money brought physicians,
but only Jesus could bring relief.
And though her last thread of hope,
it was worn down to a strand.
Her heard held onto faith till she could touch Him with her hand.

Cause when you’re hanging by a thread, still you can climb life’s mountain.
Though the cliffs are rough and jagged, you can cope.
If you should slip and reach ropes end, 
you’ll find the hem of His garment.
So don’t let go of that last thread of hope.

Is that you hanging onto a frayed and fragile faith?
And are you clinging to the rocks, above a canyon of display? Reach out for the lifeline it will never break into.
Hold fast don’t lose heart,
for once again God will pull you through.

By: Jeff And Sheri Easter

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