Monday, October 19, 2009

Sea Shells (Cont.)

These are the sea shells I found. The ones on the concrete is much larger than they appear in the pic. I didn’t think to put something beside them so you could tell their sizes. Some of them are as large as larger slices of bread. Also wanted you to notice the conch shell there with the smaller shell inside the edge of it. The smaller shell is a whole shell. I thought this was neat. When I found it, it was full of sand. I also found several deformed looking shells. My daughter was asking me why I picked those up. I plan on making a terrarium with some sand in the bottom of it and adding some driftwood and other things in it and thought those would be neat in there to. Also they remind me of something else that I didn’t go into with my daughter.

They remind me that things DO NOT have to be perfect! I am constantly struggling with trying not to make things perfect. It can cripple you to the point of not finishing projects you start because they’re not turning out perfect like you envisioned them.




Then those shells are some of the smaller ones I found. All three days we were there on the beach the wind blew like you would not believe. The sand was blowing so bad on Friday and Sat. that I was worried about getting it in my eyes, ears and my camera. It was really bad. My daughter parked herself on the sea shore taking pix on Sat. and I think some of the sand blew up into her telescoping lens on her camera and now it doesn’t want to open up. :( She was very upset and still is. It ruined her whole day.

She just went to the car afterwards. I had my phone so she called me and told me they were in the car. I was heading back their direction when she called so we just went on back to our room. I gave her mine and told her to use it.  So we both shared it later that day. I’m going to try and blow the sand out of the lens area on hers if I can.


I also found a couple pieces of coral. I love finding the coral! There wasn’t hardly anybody on the beach the whole time we were there.

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