Thursday, October 22, 2009

Neat Shots 3 (cont.)

This was the area where the water came into when the tide is really in. I thought this was so neat how the water did the sand in the curve area. The water was glistening like glass.


I liked how the sand came into the water on the right side of this one and the sun shining in the left side and then the sea oats and pretty clouds.


More of the sea oats.


Notice the sea gull (or at least I think that’s what that was) in the top right side of the pic. I liked the old tree stump and the grass and curvy edge to the water in this shot. 


And last, here’s another one of those pieces of wood with all those little holes in it. I had picked it up looking at it and then decided I should have gotten a pic of it. Notice my footprint there in the sand at the bottom of the pic. lol Also notice the barnacles' on the piece of wood there at the top of the pic. Isn’t that cool?


I hope you’re enjoying all these photo’s! I know I had fun taking them! :)


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