Sunday, October 18, 2009

She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

I just HAD TO SHARE all these sea shells with you! I have never in my life seen soooo many seashells!! I should have taken me something with wheels on it so I could get some more. lol I got lots but they sure was heavy because I walked I bet 6 miles on Friday with my bag of shells! I had walked down to this area that had them all over the place and had left my camera with my daughter. She was sitting on the beach taking pix and playing in the sand. So I HAD to go back and get my camera so I could get a shot to share. This IS NOT trash you see in the pix, it’s SEA SHELLS! Can you imagine my eyes when I saw this? ;)




This one was still someone’s home so I left it, but took a pic to prove I did leave some. ;)



I got several very large ones like this one. They are as large as a piece of bread.

This is sea shells all along the edge of the water. This is those thick ones that are sooo heavy. I had a pile of them in my bag but had to ditch like 8 because they weigh a ton.




I thought this was a neat pic. Even had a sea shell in the background to. ;) OH and I also spy one in the front left side.

Then here’s a shot of me still lookin’ for sea shells in the sand and looking at the morning glories. We were at the Audubon Society’s Bird area looking at all the neat things, as well as the birds.

My daughter was sitting there on a bench waiting for me. She took lots of pix while she was waiting to. I think we wound up taking 643 pix on just my camera.


I will share more pix with you all later. 


Anonymous said...

WOW Did you pick up a bunch for projects?


Susan said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe all those shells. I would have picked up a few to take home if I had been there.

I use to watch the news way too much and I didn't realize it for a while, but all the bad on TV was really getting me down. I finally started doing other things around the house and reading instead. Much better! And glad to see you went out and found some new thrifted items. Nothing perks me up like some good thrift store finds.

I hope your sister is doing ok.

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Susan and Punky!
Oh yeah I brought plenty home with me. Yep got a few projects I want to do with them to. ;) I have a couple tall pillar candles my daughter fixed up for me for our beachy bedroom. I want to make some stands for them with the sea shells. I will buy a couple of those clear glass holders and fix the sea shells onto them. Got that idea Sat. night when I couldn't go to sleep for thinking about walking the beach Sunday morning. lol

Rose1957 said...

Sis is doing much better. She's on the 18 wheeler now with her hubby. They did find she had some cists on her ovaries though the last time she went to the Dr. for the cat scan. They're sending her to a gyn.