Sunday, October 18, 2009

Smellin’ the Roses Again

On Friday we went to Dolphin Island. (will share about it later when I get the pix more organized.) Anyway today we decided we’d have a picnic at one of the little parks there. This cute little squirrel was beside the restrooms so I had to run and get my camera and play a little while. ;)

When I got back with my camera it was on the side of the larger pine toward the bottom of it. I took a couple mix but you had to hunt for him in the pix. :( Then after I took a couple pix he/she decided to pose for me on this vine. ;)




Also had to share this neat pic.

This tree in the park has fallen over onto the pine. Notice how it has grown into the pine one the top limb. This was a nice park with old old live oaks which I also got pix of. Will share those later as well.

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