Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well I managed to get the dresser sanded day before yesterday. Then went back yesterday and sanded the top one more time because it wasn't as smooth as I'd like it. Then yesterday I also sanded the larger mirror. Last night I got a coat of primer on all of it. Was going to do that today until I saw it was suppose to be 90% chance of rain today. I'm going to put one more coat on one of the drawers and a tiny spot I missed and I will be done with the primer. In a couple days maybe I can get it painted because the rains suppose to be out of here. I had decided with some advice from the decorating ladies to use the larger mirror and then some suggested the two smaller ones. Now I'm seriously thinking about sanding those other two mirrors and going ahead and putting a coat of primer on those as well. That way I can see which one looks the best with the dresser with them all the same color. I put the two together and just didn't like the looks of it sitting on the dresser. It looked too small. Anyway so I am a couple steps closer to having this part done.

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