Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is this do-able?

I took this out of my kitchen a few weeks back just to use for right now in our bedroom. I have my bedroom suit up for sale in town in a shop. So we needed something to put our clothes in until I found something I liked and got it painted etc. Well as you know I found something and now it is painted. So I was trying to figure out WHAT to do with this piece. I have NO CLUE what it’s suppose to be.

A friend of mine gave it to me a few years back. She took me to a storage shed where she had stuff stored that she was going to get rid of and told me to get what I wanted. I got this piece and I have always called it a sideboard. Anyway I’ve always had it in the dining room but it made it really cluttered in there because the rooms sooo small. So I wasn’t planning on putting it back in there when I got the dresser and chest painted for our bedroom.

I really really want to keep it because it IS unique and my friend gave it to me. So I was trying to figure out just what I could do with it when it hit me last night. There is a band of wood around the whole thing on each end and in the front under the drawers.

Before I go on, let me put a pic on here for you to refer to.


See the band of wood under the drawers? I want to cut it off right there under the drawers. Then take the slide doors and match them up, in other words butt one sliding door up to the other one so they will be even with each other. Right now one is behind the other one. That will make it look like it has sliding drawers but they will not open. Then I’d take the top off and that would be the lid for me a quilt and blanket box. Then I could sit it at the end of my bed. It’s just the perfect size for a quilt box!!! I had ALMOST decided to get rid of it when I came up with this idea. I will put a hinge on the lid so the lid will lift up. I could use parts of the drawers for supports on the lid if I need to support it. I really really love the idea of having a place to put my quilts and blankets!!! I’d like to leave it this color if I can and we don’t mess it up to bad cutting it. Then I can just varnish it and make it look nicer because right now it’s scruffy looking. Someone had tried to wax the wood I believe because it is now smooth.


Please ignore my subflooring. I’m getting ready to put down some floor covering in there.


21stCB said...

You have the neatest ideas! If you ever want to get rid of it, don't worry about your friend -- she'd want you to be happy. LOLOLOL (hahahaha)

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea, Rose!!! And, it gives you the perfect storage space!! Way to go!!


Susan said...

Rose, I see you are back to being busy with house projects. I really think this is a charming piece and would make a great quilt "trunk" but that sounds like a big project. Of course I have seen how handy you are so maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal for you. If the project messes up the finish, you could always paint it to match the other pieces in your bedroom.

Rose1957 said...

lol at my friend Tammy! ;) You so funny! I just KNEW you were going to say, give it to you and you said don't worry about your friend. lol
Oh yeah, it's cool again and I have a little energy here lately! Sure hope it holds out!