Monday, October 19, 2009

Neat Shots

This is just some neat shots I thought I would share with you. This palm tree was close to our motel. I started to get me some seed to see IF I could grow me a palm or two. But then I thought if they were easy to grow, they would be all over the ground under the trees.


This was a place we ate on Friday night. We love the names they give their business’ on this island! They kept us chuckling.


This shot was taken beside the Crusty Crab.


Now on to some beach shots.

This is my daughter and our Boston Terrier, Buddy walking along the beach. Notice their foot prints. He sure did enjoy himself. Now when we can’t take him along, we’re going to feel guilty not taking him. He ran the whole weekend from one of us to the other one because we all were doing our own thing.


Notice how the water did the sand on this next pic. I was heading to the end toward the top if the pic because there were herds of birds up there, pelicans and seagulls.


The water was on both sides of these little beaches. It just kept curving around on up there. This was at high tide I think.


These are some really huge AND heavy sea shells. They are very thick. I had like 10 of them in my bag and I had walked like 6 miles on this day and my bag was getting heavier by the minute so I had to leave a few of them. But these wasn’t the ones I left. These were just like this on the sand and I thought it was neat with them piled up like this.



Notice the ripples in the sand. I’m not sure but I think the wind made it like this. It was a very long area.


This next pic is the pelicans and the sea gulls. This was not near all of them. My daughter was sitting back wayyyyyy behind me and she said when they flew they looked like a Alferd Hitchcock movie. I found several of my conch shells here. I guess the birds eat the things out of them. I don’t remember what they are called but my daughter kept telling me, that one has something in it. I’d say, ohhhh it still has a body in it. ;)


This may seem dumb but I like these poles with these ropes tied around them. They hold the boats in place but I like the way they look. I’d like to make me one for our beachy bedroom. Well in fact I’d like 3 poles with the rope tied around them.




Last but not least…… 2 buried sea shells.


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Anonymous said...

Gosh, the first thing I thought of when I saw your daughter and your dog walking together was the FOOTPRINTS poem--you know, when the going got tough and there was only one set of prints, then God carried her!